Ways To Overcome Post-Holiday Blues

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Holidays can be a great time to unwind and have fun, but coming back to reality can hit you hard. Maybe you’re feeling like you overindulged over the holidays or perhaps you just miss the lazy days by the pool, but either way it takes a toll on your wellbeing. There are ways for you to overcome these blues, just check out our guide to find out how.

Traveling between different time zones can put your whole body out of sync. Making changes to your sleep schedule before you come home can be essential to reduce this impact. Before you fly or travel, make sure you start to acclimatize to your home time zone. You can do this by getting up early or staying up later, depending on which way you’re going.


For many of us, holidays are about relaxing and not doing much more than sipping cocktails on the beach. This can have a profound effect on the body, as we come home and just aren’t accustomed to our regular routine. Taking some exercise before, during and after your holiday will have you feeling so much better. This means that you won’t have a shock to the system when you get home, as you haven’t had your routine disrupted as much.

Post-holiday blues can take their toll on your happiness, so you can look elsewhere to give yourself a boost. Playing bingo and winning jackpots can vastly improve your mood and help you cheer up once more. Sites like exist to tell you all about the latest games, jackpots and sites that you can do this on. Nothing chases away those blues like a big win, you could even head off on another holiday with your winnings.


How you perceive your life and time not on holiday can also make a big difference to your life. If you’re unhappy when you’re back home then you may require a bit of a switch up. Your overall feelings towards your life can make coming back to reality harder than it needs to be. Changing up your life by playing a new sport, taking up a hobby or even getting a new job can be helpful. While real life can’t be all relaxing by the pool, changing things for the better can make a positive influence on your life.

Even how you think back on memories of your holiday can be detrimental, if you’re looking back wistfully you may be making things worse for yourself. This can mean you effectively spoil the memory of the holiday, when really you should be looking at it in a positive light. Feel free to look over photos and mementos, but don’t get too wrapped up in them either. If you feel like this is the case then get out there and make some new memories instead.


Mementos can be really powerful when it comes to cheering us up, so why not take one with you? Keeping a keychain or photo with you can help you bring some of the fun of your holiday into your regular life. While it doesn’t totally change the way you feel it can bring you a positive memory in your day to day life. This can be great to keep on your desk or at work or anywhere you feel like you’re less happy.




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