5 Steps to Save Your Skin Young and Fresh

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More often than not, you take your skin for granted and forget that it plays an important role in keeping you protected. No matter how busy and stressful your day gets, you should always take a few minutes for skin care. You will never be able to get away from oily skin, especially when you are always exposed to sunlight or when you are not conscious of your food intake.

When you are stressed, you are also likely to create a suitable environment for acne. It can appear on your face or ever worse; you may experience regular acne breakouts. When you forget to put on moisturizer, you are almost sure to have dry skin. Don’t worry, though; there are measures you can take. All you have to do is apply these skin care techniques.

Here are tips for glowing skin you can take to ensure it remains healthy:

Step 1 – Wash your face regularly. Being out for the entire day means a lot of bacteria and dust gets stuck to your skin. Bits of dead skin is also almost always there. You may want to clean and wash it off before you go to bed. Take note, however, that it is better to do this procedure with cold water, rather than hot.

Since we’re on the topic of water, here’s as little bonus tip – drink lots of water. Do not let yourself be dehydrated. Even a slight hint of this will cause your skin to dry, sag, or even loosen us. Ouch! Water therapy always works. It cleanses your system from toxins.

Step 2 – Choose the right food. Do not eat unhealthy food or you will most likely have oily skin. There are a lot of different aging toxins that can be found in specific kinds of food. Examine your diet, all you have to do is make conscious and deliberate food choices: eat less sugar, avoid junk food and replace them with fruits. Pastries, salty snacks are also not advisable. If you get the chance to eat organic food, you should always make full use of that opportunity.

Step 3Avoid extra sunlight exposure. Your skin is there to protect you from UV rays. Remember that too much exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer. If you can’t help but stay outside for a relatively long period, it wouldn’t hurt to put on sunscreen, especially on your face.
As a bonus, use moisturizers, after you take a shower and before you go to bed. This will help in several ways. Firstly, it combats dryness, smooths out and softens your skin. Secondly, it balances your tone and improves texture; it’s a win-win.

Step 4 – Get enough sleep. One of the main causes of breakouts is the lack of sleep. You might think that you are of no use to your dermal tissues when you are asleep. What you do not know is that your skin still has some functions to perform at night. While you are resting, your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself. You must never omit this bodily function, so make sure that you get at least eight hours of quality sleep.

An associated tip for getting better sleep would be physical exertion. Exercises help you balance your hormones. When they are balanced, you’ll end up feel less stressed. Your nervous system also gets a jolt and starts to function normally. Just make sure not to overtrain, keep your physical and mental activities balanced. Exercising increases oxygen circulation which makes it easier for you to get rid toxins through sweat. Simply out, set your priorities straight. If you need to get rid of college assignments to free up some time for exercising, you should probably do so. Don’t compromise your health and well-being.


Step 5 – Increase intake of vitamins C and E. Scientists have proven that vitamin C could help you get fewer wrinkles. Regular intake of vitamin C will produce more collagen. Vitamin E, on the other hand, has its own age-defying benefits. Some of these are antioxidant activity and photoprotection. Researchers have shown that vitamin E is quite successful in slowing down the production of melanin, which causes aging spots. It also moisturizes the skin and prevents dehydration, fits in well with a previous step.

In summary, you must always remember to take care of yourself. Your protective layer from ultraviolet radiation and bacteria deserves to be treated like a VIP. Be conscious of the choices that you make daily and at least strive to protect your skin. It is the largest organ your body has, it is wrapped around you for protection and to make sure you are guarded against harmful environmental effects. It is more crucial to your well-being than you think.


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