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5 Watches – Great Gift Ideas for Her

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If you are a huge fan of luxury watches and you are thinking about spending a ton of money on a designer watch you should first explore the market and pick the right brand that has the looks, but also the perks. Choose a piece that will rise in value, and make your investment a solid one. Here are 5 watches that are great investment choices.

Omega De Ville Ladymatic $7,950

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When we think about luxury, we think about Omega. This watch is one of the best looking, extraordinary pieces you can find. It overpowers with elegance and class. It is made from 18 CT red gold, sapphire crystal and diamonds for the final sleek, luxury finish. Be sure that it will stay valuable as the day you bought it. If this brand was good enough to wear on the Moon, then it’s definitely perfect on your wrist.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 28 Around $20,000

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This brand is known for making timeless pieces which are durable, with great performance and heritage. These watches are built to last. Rolex produced and patented an 18 CT pink gold alloy, Everose gold, used for all the Oyster watches from the collection. The dial has gemstones perfectly aligned and placed in square patterned setters and a self-winding mechanical movement.

Breitling Galactic 32 Around $5,000

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This is one brand that deserves your attention and your hard-worked money. The Breitling Galactic is a perfect fusion of elegance, but also durability and amazing performance. It has a 32 mm stainless steel dial with scratch resistant sapphire crystal. As a perfect detailing, it has diamond hour markers and sleek silver hands. It’s a great watch to pass it to your children, making sure they have a valuable piece of investment.

Longines Master Automatic Around $2,000

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Longines creations are known to be unique and timeless. The Master collection was made to fit in every girl’s wardrobe, especially formal attire. It is the perfect watch with soft lines and edges, that has the charm to impress you with its simplicity and luxury. It comes in an elegant sunray pink dial that it’s made from stainless steel and 18 CT pink gold cap. There are diamonds on the hour markers. The look is topped with a simple steel bracelet with a bit of the rose gold detailing.

Patek Philippe Rose Gold Nautilus 7010/1 Around $40,000

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Every collector knows that it is mandatory to own a piece from the Patek Philippe collections. They come with a great cost, but it will keep their purchase price and maybe even increase. This model is a great option to choose. It is a rose gold dial complemented with gold hour markers and case set with 46 diamonds, with a gold bracelet.

These watches are some of the best timepieces that have earned the reputation of being great investments. Take the time to review every option and potential brand worth investing in using expert advice from sites like WatchesbyJames. Understand your style and what you need, and buy a piece that has the potential to stay in the family heritage for many generations.


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