5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence for Valentine’s Day

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If you’ve recently broken up with a partner and you dread the thought of Valentine’s Day looming, then maybe you need to re-think your outlook. You could use this time to re-discover your confidence and to change your attitude towards relationships so that you can open your heart to the possible concept of new love coming into your life. 

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After a painful break-up, most of us run for the hills because finding someone new feels wrong. We tuck ourselves away if you like, building up our walls and barriers to prevent anyone from coming in and grabbing hold of our heartstrings. Most people agree that we all need time to heal. Time to get over the hurt and trauma of losing someone we love, and time to find ourselves again as strong, independent single person.  If we’re in such a situation, we may not look forward to Valentine’s Day, the day where the world celebrates love and showers their loved ones with gifts of flowers, chocolates and champagne. However, maybe we could look at it as a time of reconnecting with the outside world, opening our hearts a little to potential new love, or even just using it as a time to build on our confidence. Here are 5 simple ways to give yourself a confidence boost, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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Pamper Yourself!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, we all love a bit of pampering. Get a new hairstyle, book yourself

in to

a beauty salon for some special treatments, buy yourself some new clothes or perfume/aftershave and watch as you transform yourself to a more smiley person in the mirror! If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps then why not book yourself in for a luxury spa day to revive you?

Focus on The Future…

Remember, your last relationship was one that didn’t work out for whatever reason, but you shouldn’t compare that partner to any potential new partner. Draw a line under past hurts and memories and try and focus on the future. If you need some reassuring insight, you could always treat yourself to a psychic or tarot reading that could bring some exciting predictions about who’s on the horizon!

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Get Sociable!

Promise yourself that for the next month, you will not turn down any invites – get sociable, meet up with friends, go for dinner or take up that party invitation that you would normally turn down. Plan a night out with friends at a local bar and ask them to invite more people! You never know who you could meet, and what better source for a potential lover than to meet through a close friend?

Investigate On-line Dating

If you’re not a particularly sociable person who winces at the idea of the local bar or going to a party full of new people to meet, then why not look into online dating? Don’t be shy, there’s a first time for everyone and it could open your eyes to a whole new world of picking and choosing your potential new partner!

 Plan Your Night

If you know that you are going to be alone on Valentine’s Day, then set yourself on a date with friends or family. Go and see a new blockbuster movie at the cinema, or go out for dinner or a few drinks! If you don’t fancy spending time with others, then make sure you treat yourself at home to some nice food and some light-hearted (non-romantic!) TV.
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Valentine’s Day is just like any other day but because there is so much commercial hype around it, it’s hard to forget that a huge amount of the population will be spending it alone! However, if you can get together with friends and enjoy each other’s company while you put the world to rights – then it might just give you the confidence boost that you need to get that attractive smile back on your face! Remember: one of the most attractive features is a sexy smile…

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