Benefits of Glycolic Acid for Skin

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The chemical formula of Glycolic acid, as used in the science of chemistry, is C2H403. This means that the acid forms when two carbon, 3 oxygen and 4 hydrogen molecules combine chemically. The acid neither has color nor odor. It is also known as hydroxyacetic acid and has high solubility in water. Moreover, it can be used to treat various skin disorders. As an effective skin treatment remedy, the acid is increasingly growing in popularity.

History and Mode of Preparation

The acid has been used to soften, brighten and make the skin look younger for many centuries now. It was also used to treat skin disorders. Although, historically, the acid was obtained from fruits and vegetables for use on the skin, today it’s made synthetically.

The technique used today to prepare this acid is known as catalyst reaction. The preparation method is cost-effective and results in an acid that works in the same way as its natural version found in fruits and vegetables. The same applies to its efficacy in skin treatment.

Types of Hydroxyacetic Acid Creams

Many creams in the market contain hydroxyacetic acid. They come in different brands and can be bought either as prescription or OTC medication, making it easily accessible. Top pharmaceutical brands are increasingly adding this acid to their skin creams to improve their treatment efficiency and efficacy. Some of the creams in the market with this acid include Glycolic treatment eye creams.

Acne Scar Treatment

The acid is also effective in scar treatment, providing great results. Scientists have studied the functionality of this acid, revealing its efficacy in skin treatment of scars left by acne. It works deep into your skin, significantly impacting the epidermis layer. With a better younger looking skin, you’re bound to feel more energetic and confident.

Acid Peel for Skin

The skin faces many issues, ranging from wrinkles, fine lines and stiff skin to flakiness, dead cells and dryness. These issues render the skin rough and looking aged. However, the dry skin cells, and flakiness can be removed through skin peeling, revealing the soft skin beneath. This process also reduces fine lines, wrinkles and stiffness, making the skin smoother and softer.

This is where exfoliators or peels containing this acid come in. It doesn’t just refresh and smoothen skin for suppleness, but also lightens and brightens. The acid is a heavy yet gentle and safe exfoliator, making for effective glycolic treatment eye creams. Although these peels are used in beauty parlors and spas, they can also be used in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is follow instructions on how to use the cream peel.

Other Uses of Hydroxyacetic Acid

Other than applications in skin treatment for acne scars and other skin problems, the glycolic acid has a myriad of uses in other areas. They include application in:

  • The clothing and textile industry
  • Chemical processes
  • The pharmaceutical industries
  • Food flavor and preservation
  • Skin dullness, blackhead and oiliness treatment



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