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Creating Your Own Personal Style With Jewelry Designer Ilyssa Londa

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Jewelry-hamptons-designer Jewelry-hamptons-designer

Ilyssa Londa is a jewelry designer that stands out as a beacon of confidence. Within a short period of time, this up and coming designer has graduated from unknown jewelry designer to a woman who owns her vision of modern beauty. Ilyssa Londa is the perfect designer to share her expertise about developing your own unique personal style.

Jewelry-hamptons-designer Jewelry-hamptons-designer

Q: How would you describe your design style?

A: I like to think of my design style as very classic and elegant but always fashion forward. Never too trendy, but a modern twist on luxury. I will incorporate an interesting stone or unexpected material on a classic style when designing something more on trend. My leather and diamond wrap bracelet is a great example of this.

Q: Are there particular materials and patterns that appeal to you?

A: I love working with natural elements. Moonstone, labradorite and turquoise, just to name a few, are fiery and colorful wearable stones for any skin tone. Of course, diamonds are my favorite natural element!

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your jewelry designs?

A: I am inspired by traveling to different and unique places. Seeing the colors and topography on a recent trip to Israel for example, was very eye-opening. Being surrounded by green mountains, the beautiful light of a summer sunset, the beige sand on the beach or even bright lights of Times Square can illicit such inspiration. My own emotional state can also be inspiring and shows in my designs as well. Pretty, yet strong!

Q: What do you recommend for customers looking to update their jewelry wardrobe?

A: Picking the perfect jewelry is very subjective. I would suggest to be true to your own sense of style. Don’t wear a high necklace, such as a choker, if you do not want to call attention to your neck. If you love something, buy it and wear it and don’t ever be discouraged by other’s opinions. Jewelry is an individual choice and should be respected that way by the wearer. 

Q: How do you modernize your wardrobe?

A: Modernizing a wardrobe is my favorite thing. I love to recycle jewelry. I will take an old pendant and make it into a cuff. Changing a chain’s finish or altering the length can update a special piece.

Q: Where is your favorite place to travel to?

A: I have been lucky in life to have traveled extensively but one place that I truly love is Saline Beach in St. Barths.  I love everything about that island. The bohemian chic vibe, delicious fresh food and of course, the beaches are all so different in their landscape and remain naturally beautiful.

Q: Do you like the Hamptons? If so, what are your favorite things to do while you are there?

A: The Hamptons holds a very special place in my heart. My absolute favorite thing to do in the Hamptons is to spend early mornings with my dog on the beach when it hasn’t been touched. I love dining at the restaurants and one of my favorites to go to each weekend is Tutto Il Giorno. Also, watching the sunset on any beach is truly awesome. Something about the colors in the sky changing as the sun descends is something I can never get tired of seeing.

Q: What is your Motto?


The past is a place of reference. NOT a place of residence. LIVE FOR NOW.

Thank you Ilyssa for your time and we are excited to see more of your jewelry designs this year. Please visit to see more of the gorgeous designs by Ilyssa Londa.



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