Exit Stage Left – A Step By Step Guide to Moving Home

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Relocating and moving home can be both exciting and extremely stressful.

There are so many things to think about and organize to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. Below is a step by step guide that should make your next easy, efficient and stress-free.


Preparation is key to a successful move.

Plan out how you are going to spend the rest of the time in your current home, and when major moving tasks need to be completed. Having this information set out ahead of time can make the whole process a lot easier to deal with. You may need to book professional help such as cleaners or removalists like ask absolutely who can get your stuff delivered on the same day; booking these services in advance can really streamline the process.

If you’re currently renting, then it’s a great idea to look into end of lease cleaning services such as Whizz Melbourne. Knowing that the property is going to be cleaned to a professional standard can really help put your mind at ease.

You will also need to organize the changeover of your utilities and set up mail forwarding. Some utilities may take a while to change over and therefore being well-prepared and organized can help in ensuring aspects like these are in place by the time you are in your new home.

If you own your own home at the minute, you’re going to need to think about who is going to buy it, how long it’s going to take, and how much money you’re going to make from it. Often the hassle of moving home is made worse by not being able to sell the home you’re moving from. One way of solving the issue would be to look at the brand We Buy Salt Lake City Houses, and see if they can buy your home from you. It’s a short cut way of having your home sold, and the money that you need in your pocket. If you’re having a hard time with sales at the minute this might be the only good option for you.


Packing it a huge task and, depending on the contents of your current home, can take days to complete.

Firstly, there are your daily essentials; objects that see everyday use, and therefore can’t be packed ahead of time, yet cannot be left behind. It’s best to keep these items all in one place, for example, a suitcase. It can get a little annoying having to live out of this suitcase during the move, but having your essential items in one place has its benefits. You’re less likely to lose items by packing them away in multiple boxes and, when you’re ready to leave, you can simply take all of your important items along with you.

Then you get to the rest of the items in your home.

We suggest packing room by room, as this is the best way of keeping your belongings in some sort of order. It’s also good to keep similar items such as textiles or electronics together and label all boxes. The more organized your packing system is at this stage, the easier the unpacking process will be when you get to it.

Moving In

As mentioned above, moving in shouldn’t be overly difficult if you have been prepared and organised in the earlier stages of the move. Nonetheless, unpacking and getting your new home the way you like it will take some time.

The first thing to do before putting re-assembling furniture and deciding on where items will be placed within your new rooms is cleaning. Your furniture may have been clean and dust free when you packed it away, but it probably needs a clean before being put in your new home.

It’s also a good idea to place items such as drawers, cupboards and wardrobes first. Having these storage items in the correct place means you can instantly start to store other items away straight from their moving boxes.

Whether you have a couple of months to make the transition into a new home or the move is a lot quicker, there is no doubt that moving is a big job. Following the points listed above in whichever order to deem fit should ensure that everything is taken care of.






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