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Ideal Intertwining of Fashion and Home Design

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Every person is unique. Usually, we try to express our personalities through different mediums, where fashion is the most obvious one. Also, have you ever noticed that even the way your house or apartment is designed tells a lot about you? Think about it. Why do we like spending time at home? Why do we feel safe and comfortable there? It’s because everything is just the way we like it – from furniture, to colors and accessories.

Further, another often neglected thing is the correlation between our fashion and home décor style. However, this correlation is pretty logical – a person who’s dressed in bright colors, with peculiar accessories probably does not live in a monochromatic, minimalist home.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to combine and connect your sense of fashion and the design of your home, here are some ideas:

Living room

Since the living room is the place where we spend most of our days, working, studying or relaxing, it needs to be decorated just right, to suit us in every possible sense.

  • For the walls, choose the color that dominates in your wardrobe. So, if you’re a fan of bold colors like black and white, make them the basic color of your walls, and then introduce some variety through bold shades (like blue, red, and green) to add an extra kick, or lighter hues to ‘soften’ the atmosphere.home decor-design

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  • As far as decorations and details are concerned, rely on your fashion sense. Choose the accent pillows that match your favorite floral dress, find a chandelier that reminds you of your favourite piece of jewelry, and implement a large centerpiece that reminds you of your favourite stylish bag. To find the things you need or some additional inspiration, check out this link.home decor-design

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The kitchen is the place where we eat (obviously), but it’s also the place of family gatherings. Therefore, your kitchen should be well-equipped, clutter-free and, above all else – clean. Also, try to make this room as inviting as you can by using various warm colors and fun accessories. Your fashion style can shine here as well, which will add much-needed charm to your kitchen:

  • Feel free to use patterns and combine them. Combine the nice, soft material of your curtains with your walls or tiles and match their colors or patterns.home decor-design

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  • Think about all the details like cups, pots and pans and match them with your favourite printed t-shirts. Either buy some interesting pieces, or DIY them – the choice is yours. You can also frame your favourite recipes and hang them throughout your kitchen.home decor-design
  • Try looking for inspiration on various websites, such as this one.



People usually like to have their bedrooms decorated in calming, neutral colors. However, this is not a must. If you happen to like warm colors, and feel most comfortable when surrounded by them, feel free to decorate your bedroom accordingly. Still, try not to choose the brightest hues, since the main point of the bedroom is to help you relax and drift off to dreamland. Also, if you’d like your bedroom to reflect some aspect of your fashion sense as well, there are several things you can do:

  • For the bed, use your favorite fabrics. You can also make some creative pillowcases out of your old t-shirts or your partner’s flannel shirts.
  • If you’re a fur lover, choose fur throw blankets to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.home decor-design

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  • Connect fashion and décor literally: hang accessories (like gloves, hats or scarves) on your walls, display your jewelry in a nice (or funky) frame, or make a wall decoration out of interesting hangers.


As you can see, your clothes are not the only thing that can reflect your fashion sense. Your home is an ideal blank canvas for all the ideas, and it allows you to show your personality through colors, decoration, furniture, and all the bits and pieces.

It’s fairly easy to introduce your fashion sense in your home design, you just need to think out of the box and let your creativity and style light your way.




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