Kanye West makes his first Appearance for Fashion Week since Hospitalization

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Kanye West made his first public appearance for Yeezy Fashion Show in New York after a long period of hospitalization. Kanye West was hospitalized for exhaustion and he is still undergoing psychological treatment for his recovery from memory loss. He launched his fifth season of athlete wearable collection along with his wife Kim Kardashian West. 

Since the audience hasn’t seen him in the past for a maximum of about three weeks, his new looks come as a shock to us. His head is now a golden blond color, which goes pretty well with his beard that still remains dark in color.

However, the audience and Kanye West lovers were pretty much upset about the fashion week mainly because the show was not live streamed on different websites. Some of the previous shows of Kanye West were live streamed in the past and the audience was still expecting the same. The audience chose the social media platform to vent out their frustration and anger as the fashion week was mostly a family affair and Kanye West lovers did not get to see much.

Yeezy Fashion Week was a success for Kanye West and the dominant aspects of his collection involved various clothing elements like denim, high-waisted jeans, hoodies, cargo pants etc. It was a collection that would suit the athletes in general.

The show was not different than the previous shows done by Kanye West. Just like in the past the invitations to the show were done by giving off a piece of apparel to the people who were invited. The pieces of apparel were mainly sweatshirts and each of them had either “Lost Hills” or “Mulholland” written on it. Apart from this, just like his previous shows the season 5 also started off with various images of the models on the screen before they started their walk on the ramp to showcase Kanye West’s athletic collection. However, many critics argue that it was one of the most serious and polished fashion shows of Kanye West that they have ever seen and experienced.

We wish Kanye West much success and a speedy recovery!

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