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Mind blowing fashion blog tips

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Every fashion blogger gets help from somewhere. It would be pretty mundane to think that we are know it all’s and do not need any help. Even the best fashion bloggers get stuck sometimes and need a little bit of inspiration. In this article, I would be sharing a few mind blowing tips I learned from other fashion blogs. Let’s jump right into it and not waste any further time!

  1. Layering is really helpful: Layering is really essential especially during winter. In fact, it has become such a trend this winter. It proves to be such a practical way to wear clothes especially when it’s really cold. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear as many layers as possible. You can wear a turtleneck with a jacket and a sweater all under a coat. This would help to keep you warm. Sometimes when it gets cold your regular clothes just won’t cut it. I learnt from fashion blogs that there are successful ways to pile on the layers without looking like you’re going through a lot.                                                                                         See original image
  2. 2016 has been a year for boots: Weather it is summer or winter, boots have definitely come back. Now that it is winter, the trend is definitely back with a bang. Your style truly boils down to how well you can pull off boots. Whether you are wearing knee length or ankle length boots, this is definitely the time to wear it. A lot of other fashion blogs have definitely inspired me to reconsider adding a pair of boots to my wardrobe.          
  3. Even coats can be belted: I rarely need any advice when it comes to coats and jackets, but I learned a trick that was actually quite helpful. Belting your coats give them a whole different look. You can now pull off your coats and jackets like never before. The best news that comes with this is that every single coat can be belted. It just depends on how you accessorize.
  4. Never stop seeking inspiration: Even though fashion is meant to be effortless, it still takes a bit of effort to lead the competition. Always be on the looking for some fashion style tips that can improve your look. You can never get old when you keep reinventing yourself. I’ve learnt from a few fashion blogs that looking good should actually take a little bit of effort and creativity.

There you have it. Even the best of the best seek out a little help.

Fashion is vast and artistic, so I never restrict myself to just what I know. It doesn’t help going out to search for some inspiration!


Ruby is a fashion blogger for magazines and occasionally for different blogs. She likes to travel, UK and France are two of her favorite places to go. Her lifestyle is clean, she is a gymaholic, she loves to keep herself healthy and work out. She enjoys every fashion and social event and tries not to miss them.

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