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The Pros of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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Clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds that have flaws that are visible to the naked eye, but are given some treatment that lessens the flaws or makes them invisible to the naked eye. While clarity enhancement treatments are somehow controversial in the diamond industry, probably because diamonds are so revered that they shouldn’t be tampered with, these types of diamonds have several advantages, which are outlined below:


In the same price range, a clarity enhanced diamond will always be more attractive and grade higher. In light of the fact that diamond treatment delivers better value for money, you can afford a stone that is still natural but has a brighter color, higher clarity, as well as an improved cut.


A clarity enhanced diamond can go for as little as 50% of the cost of a non-treated diamond of similar grade. Jewelers can use rough diamond material that is less expensive as it contains more inclusions. Once the inclusions have been removed through clarity enhancement, the resultant stone appears as clear as those that result from rough material that would be much more costly.

Not Easily Detectable

Only an expert can differentiate a clarity enhanced diamond from a non-enhanced one.  The physical transformation in the stone is so miniscule that even the carat weight doesn’t change. The fact that the stone has been clarity enhanced at all cannot be detected. In fact, even a jeweler new to diamond treatment won’t be able to tell the difference.

Real, Natural Diamonds

All treated diamonds are 100% natural diamonds, which have been mined from the earth. In fact, the treatment process is just another phase in the process of natural diamond manufacturing, which happens after the stone has been cut and polished.


One of the most common misconceptions about clarity enhancement is that the treatment will disappear over time. The truth, however, is that the process, as well as the materials, used in the treatment process are quite strong and the enhancement will last for a considerable period of time if proper care is taken.

In fact, the treatment can only be affected if the stone is subjected to extremely high temperatures by a jeweler’s torch.  It can also be affected by acid used in re-cutting the stones. To make sure that treated diamonds do not lose their treatment, it is advisable to inform your jeweler that the stone is treated whenever you are sending it out for cleaning or resizing.

You can also clean your diamonds at home. All you need to do is place them in warm water containing some dish soap for roughly 15 minutes. Afterwards, use a soft toothbrush to scrub off any dirt. Note that the setting of the stone is more fragile than the stone itself. Therefore, be careful not to use an abrasive cleaning material that might damage it.


These are some of the most significant advantages of clarity enhanced diamonds. If you are looking to purchase treated diamonds, Best Brilliance is one of the best online shops to buy from.

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