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Top Women Fashion Trends For Spring 2017

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Fashion trends are never constant, changes occur constantly, and past trends tend to reappear.

There are so many things going on in the fashion industry as of now, and if you try to keep track of fashion news, you may end up changing your wardrobe every week.

But there are some consistent trends which can be followed and make you look a lot fancier in every situation or social outing. With endless options being available for women, finding a consistent look gets even more complicated, now more than ever.

So, let’s examine some of the latest fashion trends for Spring of 2017. If you don’t have enough time to write assignments, you can at least take a few minutes to look fab.
1) Sequin Outfit

One of the more refined fashion statements currently around. Sequin outfits are timeless, even if you’ve had a few in the past, it’s time to give them time in the spotlight.


These evening dresses are perfect for parties and will continue to be just that for a while. You don’t want to get rid of them.

Finding the right dress is no easy task, and going through the motions again when you discover the fit isn’t as perfect as it once was.


But it should be noted that there’s always the option of making a traditional sequin dress into something more fabulous with a few combinations. By combining your sequin outfit with a plaid shirt, for example.

This combo is perfect for occasions like an evening outing with friends, to a party or a social gathering. You can also combine your outfit with denim jackets or faded jeans.

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2) Classical Long Dresses and Skater Dresses

A staple clothing item, popular among countless Hollywood celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Similar to the above-mention sequin outfits, you can add to your skater dress and discover a new appearance by styling yourself correctly. If there’s an evening occasion planned, and you are going on a date, you can adopt a classy look. Heels will greatly emphasize your femininity and convert your silhouette to a full-blown night-time look.

3) Taste The Rainbow

When it comes to colors (or whenever it comes to parties, at least), it’s fairly common to observe women going with a black dress.

Conservative black will always be regular for most occasions, but nothing prevents you from picking clothes with a dash of color.

If you don’t want to look samey-same, yet still wish to remain classy, then you should try out some different coloring schemes on formal wear.



If you keep track of celebrity color trends, you might notice that more of them are starting to ditch the black and opt in for colors like pink with floral patterns. These patterns and colors will bring out the real you and will surely make you feel more confident. You can even combine these skirts and dresses with some accessories (bracelets, earrings) that will enhance your entire look. Use your individuality as a focal point whenever you go. But don’t overdo it. Clothes influence how you get perceived by others, especially when you try to build your career.

4) Androgynous Trend

Androgynous look enjoyed a high adoption rate among women. Many designers are experimenting with bringing out aspects of masculinity in women’s appearances. It’s a sign of confidence. Not to mention, they’re quite comfortable to wear.

Media took quite an interest in celebrities attending important events in these outfits. If that’s something you’re willing to experiment with, then give it a go. It’s a lot easier than you think. All you have to do is mix and match your dress with your boyfriend’s or partner’s oversized denim, shirt or even jacket.

5) Create the Perfect Figure

We all dream of the perfect look that includes a complete chest outline, small waist, and proportionate hips. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luck to have it, but we certainly can fake it.

That’s right! The right dress will make your figure look perfect. To create your personal curves, you can wear a jacket with padded shoulder along with a skater dress.

6) Jumpsuits

Many celebs are opting for jumpsuit thus making it the latest fashion trend in women’s dresses. But they’re satisfied in simply wearing the jumpsuit as is, rather than enhancing one’s look. To make your jumpsuit attractive and to enhance your figure, you can belt it up. Use a contrasting color belt which will compliment your look.

There you have it. Picking the right clothes for yourself can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. The wrong dress can have an adverse impact on your appearance, so you need to take deliberate steps when finding a look. Go for it, simply experiment with your wardrobe, you’ll find a combo that fits you just right, and you’ll have fun doing it.




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