Why Failing at a Relationship Can Be a Blessing

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Breakups hurt.

I know this from my own experience. In fact, I still remember the day when I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. The tears, the allegations, the broken dream…it was terrible.

I felt like a complete failure. We had been together for almost four years. We slept in the same bed, ate at the same table and had the same friends. Suddenly, everything fell apart. Back then I wondered if I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Today, I’m in a relationship with the woman of my dreams. Our relationship is better, healthier and more fulfilling than anything I’ve experienced before. She’s the one. I know it and she knows it. The interesting thing is that I would have never met her if I hadn’t failed at my previous relationship. That’s why I feel so blessed.  

You might be in a similar situation. Maybe you are in an unfulfilling relationship and you are afraid to fail at it. That’s why you hold on to something that you should let go. Or maybe you just broke up with your partner and you feel like the biggest loser on the planet.

I felt that way. All I want you to know is that the blame, the negative feelings, and the guilt that you are torturing yourself with are completely unnecessary. You didn’t fail. In fact, you did the complete opposite.


What It Really Means to Fail at a Relationship

Describing the end of a relationship as a failure is the most self-destructive thing you can do. But it’s more than that. It’s just wrong because you haven’t failed at anything. The definition of failure describes it as a lack of success.

Is it really a lack of success when you end something that isn’t supposed to be? Is it really a lack of success when you walk away from someone who is not good for you? No, it’s not. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and for your happiness.

Failing at a relationship means nothing else than accepting that something that was supposed to work didn’t work. That’s a form of success that most people will never experience, which is quite sad. It would be failure if you would stay with someone who is bad for you. It would be failure if you would keep holding on to something that you shouldn’t hold on to.


Every Blessing Has a Reason

There’s always a reason why relationships end. No matter if it was your fault, the fault of your partner, or if you both made mistakes…there’s always a reason. And if there is a reason to end it, you should end it.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but you probably don’t want to stay in a relationship with someone who cheats on you, lies, and treats you as if you don’t exist. Your partner abuses you? You have the right to walk away and no, this doesn’t make you a failure.

You would only fail if you either stayed with someone who doesn’t make you happy or if you ended a fulfilling relationship without any reason. The first option can lead to a life of misery. The second option doesn’t exist. Why? Because there’s always a reason and as long as you have a reason to move on, you should move on.  


Your Life is too Precious to Waste It

If you have a reason to move on, you should move on. I really mean that. Your life is way too precious to waste it. And yes, spending another week, month, year, or decade with someone you shouldn’t be with is the definition of wasting your time.

Just think about it. You have approximately 80 years on this planet. No matter if you are 20, 40, or 60, every moment counts. Or do you really want to be on your death bed, look back on your life, and regret that you stayed in an unfulfilling relationship?

You won’t believe how many people I know who wasted years and years of their life with someone they don’t love and don’t enjoy to be with. This is sad and the only reason why these people are failures is because they don’t allow themselves to “fail” at a relationship that doesn’t make them happy.


Failing Is Learning

There’s another reason why ending an unhappy relationship can be your biggest blessing. The process of going through a breakup and thinking about the reasons why it didn’t work out can be an immense opportunity to grow as a human being.

I know this to be true. You can believe when I say that I didn’t make the same mistakes in my current relationship that I made a couple of years ago with my ex-girlfriend. I learned from my experience and you can do the same.

Many people don’t know this but being in a relationship is a skill that you can and must learn. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to learn. Their ego and pride doesn’t allow them to reflect on the past. Don’t make this mistake. Otherwise, your next relationship will end the same way.


It Gives You the Chance to Meet the Right Partner

You might not think that it’s possible but the next person you go on a date with might be the love of your life. I hope you now understand why “failing” at a relationship is such a blessing.

It gives you the chance to meet the person who is right for you. I took this chance and you can’t believe how thankful I am that I met the love of my life after a rough breakup. I know that you can experience the same.

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