4 Games to Make the Commute More Interesting!

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Commutes are a tiring, boring and a completely unavoidable part of most of our work days. There’s so much time and often, so little to do to fill it. The common advice is to read but this can be hard if you’re not very good at concentrating, especially when you have the sound and the movement of a packed train car surrounding you. Instead we suggest games – no, don’t click away – pick-up-and-play games, the kind that you can just dive into, for the trip home.

Candy Crush


There’s a reason Candy Crush has topped the games charts for so long, with over 93 million players. This ‘sweet’ little game is oddly addictive as you make your way through the various levels of the candy kingdom. Each level you must try to align the candy tiles in rows of at least three in order to ‘pop’ them. If you like strategy this game is for you as you can earn the most points by thinking ahead to see if you can create some impressive future combos. Although the game is free, be warned – they have a number of ‘bonuses’ that will make levels easier for you but will cost you each time.


Tetris is a classic choice. This game has been ruling since 1984 and now you don’t need a clunky Gameboy or Atari console to play this classic, you can download it right onto your phone. This tile-matching puzzle game is good if you excel at thinking on your feet. You have to think fast in order to find the right spot for the falling bricks before they land somewhere that will mess up your entire game. If you don’t mind a little stress on the ride home this could be the game for you!

Sun Bingo

The game of bingo is another classic that has been brought to your phone screen. That’s right! Bingo is no longer just confined to the physical world and the bingo hall. If you want to play something that perhaps you don’t really think of as a phone game, then Sun Bingo is for you. Like the other games on this list Sun Bingo is free to download but unlike all the other items on this list this game could end up making you a profit! Like its real world counterpart bingo means you are competing for real cash each game!

Plants Vs Zombies
This game allows you battle the undead with perhaps the most bizarre weapon of all, plants! In this game you need to protect your house from the oncoming swarm of the undead in short matches. If you like colourful character designs and aren’t too afraid of the undead then this is probably the game for you. Each set of flowers and zombies has different character designs to match their purpose, making for interesting visuals as you play this little game.

So what do you think of our suggestions? Can you think of any great games you’d add for the commute home?

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