5 Trends for Wedding Photography in 2017

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Photography has evolved beyond recognition in the past few decades, and so have the predominant trends. With the bloom of social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, and the technological development of smartphones, having an extra creative edge in the business of capturing perfect moments is a prerequisite for success.

With a surge of up-and-coming camera enthusiasts alongside experienced professionals, people have a wide selection to choose from when it comes to immortalizing special occasions such as weddings. Here’s what will be some of the most popular trends in the remainder of the year, and how you can refine your offer for couples who decide to tie the knot.

  1. Vintage with a Twist

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While plain black and white photos were extremely popular about a decade ago, color and playing with various contrasts and shades has taken over in the meantime. However, contemporary photographers know how to revive this classic approach, by adding a touch of innovation through shadows, lighting and a perfect setting. All the details involved in creating a seemingly effortless, monochrome photograph are the key ingredients of turning it into a tiny masterpiece.

A variation of this approach is adding only a drop of discrete color, such as sandstone or champagne, which will bring out a single tone of the photo without disrupting the black and white basis or causing distraction from the composition.

  1. The Film Rethought

    wedding photo

Another revived retro tendency is the comeback of analogue cameras, as opposed to digital ones. Photographers who have used film to create stunning images know well that these photos have a distinct, indescribable quality that cannot be replicated with a digital camera or with any type of post-production, let alone a phone app.

We now have instant film cameras that are growing in popularity, simplifying the process of mimicking this essence of analogue photography. While digital offers a practically perfect final product, with plenty of shots to waste in between, film always has imperfections that give life and soul to each photo. They have character and charisma, so modern couples often opt for analogue instead of digital, to add this sense of raw individuality to their special day, as it will bring all of their photos to life.

  1. The Art of Storytelling


You know that famous saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? A skilled photographer can indeed succeed at bringing a moment to life if a single image is meant to tell a story. Fierce attention to detail, a keen eye for perfect setting and spontaneous, but powerful moments, combined with a playful imagination, can turn even the simplest of scenes into a three-part novel.

This involves dedicating time to events prior and after the wedding, to encompass the preparation of the ceremony as much as the ceremony itself. Many professionals offer a wide variety of services that can ensure accomplishing this unique effect, such as the team at Perfect Moment Photography, known for their storytelling skills. They use the contrast between shadows and light, the advantage of reflective surfaces, unusual angles and diverse focus techniques that can make a difference between a dull image and a brilliant remnant that would otherwise have been forgotten.

  1. Guided and Candid

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While it might seem as a contradiction in terms, it has become increasingly popular to let the photographer be in charge of the setting, posing, and composition, to the extent of evoking the right emotion and letting the perfect moment happen with a little bit of professional guidance. It takes a true expert to achieve such a theatrical, yet genuine situation, but weddings on their own are inspiring and brimming with positivity, so a nudge here and there can only ensure creating photos that will make your clients happy.

  1. Extraordinary Settings

    wedding car

Last, but not least, picking an exotic destination or a place with emotional value to the couple can offer more meaning and depth than any planned event, which is why so many modern couples celebrate their vows in an intimate atmosphere. Such travel-focused photography allows for experimenting with predominant shapes, colors and lighting to a much greater extent than a traditional wedding.

With such a specific vision in mind, a photographer can truly let the perfect moments happen on their own. Staying aware of potential sentimental, partially staged situations can allow for a variety of memorable photos that will abound in emotion, beauty and character.

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