Graffiti: The art of expression

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The art of an artist can speak volumes and can be a powerful tool, if used correctly.

We are sure that almost all of you have seen and admired a graffiti wall at some point or the other. While most of us consider graffiti as modern art form, its roots can be traced back to ancient times.

The history of “art on walls”

If you remember the pictures in your history textbook, you would know how old is the tradition of writing or drawing on walls. The remains from the times when we were hunters show that the art on walls was common. While the cave paintings or writings cannot be exactly referred to as graffiti but as long as the drawing or writing on walls is taken into account, it goes back to the prehistoric era.


Modern Graffitiart-expression-wynwood-miami

In today’s world “the art of walls” has evolved to become graffiti. Graffiti artists use it to spread an important message, to convey what cannot be written and to fight for social causes. Graffiti is everywhere.

When we say Graffiti, we are not talking about the acts of vandalism. There are many graffiti artists that use their art for good things so let’s talk only about them for now.

The art of expression through Graffiti

While some graffitis are simple work of art and portray a basic human emotion, they instantly connect with the viewer.

There are other powerful graffitis that help mirror the social and cultural issues like child labor, same sex marriage, suffering in war torn countries etc. Many graffiti artists become the symbol of hope in such situations.\

Graffiti can be small or big. Graffiti can be made using spray cans or wet concrete. It is a creative form of art that isn’t restricted by any rules.

Here are some quick facts about graffiti:

  • Graffiti is an element of hip-hop.
  • Many graffiti artists tag their work.
  • There are laws governing the art of graffiti as a measure to protect places against the acts of vandalism.

Digital Graffiti

In this era when everything is going digital, why should graffiti stay behind.

What is digital graffiti?

Digital graffiti is the technique of creating graffiti using a computer system. There are many places that offer digital graffiti walls to create a real graffiti experience using spray cans. The only difference is that the entire process is computerized, you are not actually drawing on walls and not using real paint.

There are many ways in which digital graffiti has gone popular. There are festivals where top graffiti artists showcase their


Like we said, graffiti can be used to convey a lot of things. It can be as big as fighting against child labor or as small as a personalised graffiti. One of the examples of a personalised graffiti can be seen here.


 Graffiti has changed over the years. Like any other form of art, it can transcend boundaries and it speaks to everyone in the same manner. It will remain a powerful form of expression in the times to come. As long as it not an act of vandalism, it will be a constructive art form.



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