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Snoring has confounded and driven people crazy for eons. Every family has that one snoring machine who sounds like a motorcycle going full throttle every night. A few people snore so loudly they wake themselves up. Snoring is such a big problem that it leads to several relationships and friendships becoming strained. Over the years, several methods and treatments have been suggested to banish the snoring bane. But most of them involve invasive surgery, or are too expensive to be accessible to the general population. Not any longer! Promodealio anti snore pillows guarantee swift and effective elimination of snoring, with no invasive and complicated procedures required. Click here http://promodealio.com/ for answers to the question: – How do anti snore pillows work?


No one on the planet snores voluntarily, and even those who do snore vigorously are often unaware of it. Snoring is due to obstruction in the flow of air through our nose and throat. The blocked air dissipates energy to nearby tissues which vibrate and release sound. Several other factors contribute to increase in the intensity of snoring

  • Age: – With an increase in age, there is a consequent narrowing of the throat and increase in muscle definition. The chances of obstruction of airflow increase manifold, and so does the probability of you keeping your partner awake all night with your incessant snoring.
  • Weight: – Being overweight also means you have more fatty tissue around your neck and throat. This leads to extra pressure on your throat and subsequent blockages, which increase the decibel levels in your bedroom.
  • Sleep posture: – Most people sleep on their back, which is a universal code among snorers. There is a lack of support for the neck and head in this position, which is conducive to snoring.
  • Alcohol, smoking and medication: – All these three substances are capable of reducing muscle tension in your neck and throat, which increases the chances of air flow being blocked.


Even though the news of a pillow that could stop snoring was greeted with great enthusiasm, it also met with its fair share of skepticism. “How do anti snore pillows work?” “Are they a scam?” These were just a few of the questions on people’s minds.

Even though the concept does sound too good to be true, it is based on pure science. The primary reasons behind blockage of airflow have been pinpointed and the pillow has been designed with the elimination of these obstructions as the main criterion.

The snoreless pillow provides adequate support to the head and neck and aims to keep them properly aligned. It keeps the chin slightly raised off the chest, and opens up the throat to facilitate easy flow of air. This ensures sleep devoid of snoring, while also eliminating niggling back, shoulder and neck pain arising from incorrect sleeping posture.

Purchase your very own anti snore pillow and see the results first hand.





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