Reviews Matter: Comparison and Review Sites are on the Rise

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When it comes to consumer choices, whose guidance do you trust the most? According to statistics in 2016, after personal research or experience and the advice of friends and experts, third party reviews are what people seek out when deciding on what to buy, where to eat, where to stay and so on. The internet in particular, has made it increasingly easy to shop and have fun with confidence. If, for example, your interests revolve around technology and entertainment, there are numerous sites available for you to consult.

While social networks and online retailers, like Facebook or Amazon, take the lead as go-to sources of reviews, it is easy to find websites that specialize in specific products. For information on the latest gadgets and games, Expert Reviews provides detailed evaluations, ratings and prices. Such insight is invaluable when looking to invest in technology that will last and live up to your expectations.

A more intensive look into different types of both online and offline games yields results that are just as in-depth and supportive of inquisitive consumers. Blackjack or roulette players can find popular online  casinos, news and tips on websites like Casino Quest which will also compare the different sign-up options offered by online casinos. Even the most obscure game genre or title is worth exploring, as our global connectivity makes the chances of not finding someone with a relevant opinion quite low.

Moving towards entertainment in terms of pop culture, the arts – visual, musical, literary and beyond – are ripe with critiques. The Arts Desk is a good, diverse source of reviews, as well as interviews, galleries and features. As one of the vastest fields of human society, being able to find it all in one or even a handful of places is not only practical and handy, but important to its promotion.

If in search of a decent meal after the show or wish to plan a day of activities and attractions, TripAdvisor is a website known for dependable content that is in-depth and user-friendly. Possibly a name with the least need for an introduction, it is brought into this list to illustrate how review sites, in addition to blogs and vlogs, can become well-respected, influential brands.

The power of the reviewer is no longer in doubt. Success is defined, now more than ever, by a professional yet likeable social outlook, since a single negative remark can damage reputations and therefore revenues. Businesses and entrepreneurs are encouraged to keep track of what customers say about them online. The vital role of online reputation management cannot be emphasized enough by experts. Drawing upon empirical research and general trends, Jayson DeMers is one of many to offer guidelines on how to earn and work with reviews. Writing on Forbes, he emphasizes directly appealing to customers to share their experience with your brand, often offering incentives.

Source: Geralt via Pixabay

Word of mouth has always been a way of discovering the ins and outs of any given situation. Today this simple form of communication has been elevated to the point where the smallest mistake can become public knowledge of worldwide proportions. On the other hand, the digital connection we share is also an opportunity to endorse experiences deemed worthwhile, to support interests or causes by merely bringing them to other people’s attention. In a way, review sites reflect our universality.   

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