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When Beyoncé uttered the phrase ‘I woke up like this…flawless’, the already existing craze for that flawless yet effortless looking style took on an entire new life. Girls started rocking some seriously messy hair, both in buns and loose forms.

However, as we all know, not even Blake Lively, the absolute queen of effortless messy and immaculate hair, actually wakes up like that. You know, effortless ain’t really effortless, but with this selection of bed hair styles, complete with how-tos + tools and products, you too can rock the ‘I don’t care’ look like a queen, with minimum effort possible.

The Loose Plait

The loose plait, aka the boyfriend plait is one of the chicest among the ‘easy-going’ looks. And you can put it in motion on any occasion – a dinner, picnic, night out, it works either way.


The first step toward creating this look is parting your hair to one side and using a good texture spray on the part you will be braiding. Then, like you are doing a French braid, pick up three small strands. Then, pick up super small sections of hair (so as to leave most of the hair in the middle) and pull them into the braid all the way down, but not in a tight manner, as it is meant to be loose. Leave the strands around your face loose, to create the extra sexy effect, and voila, you are done.

The Braided Up-Do

If you are totally into pushing the hair back from your face, this up-do is for you. Missy Sue has provided a visual guide on how to get this look. Keep in mind that you will need a couple of clips, some rubber bands and some pins.


If you have misbehaving and slightly unmanageable hair, it would be wise to use a bit of hairspray when you are done, as to ensure the do stays intact, and some non-greasy hair wax or pomade during the creative process.

The Textured Pony

Michael Mesiti from Bauhaus hair is here to show you how to get the coveted Blake Lively textured pony. As you will be able to see in the video, you will require a texture spray, of course. The next prep-move is to create messy waves with your tool of choice, a curling or flat iron, whichever you are more dexterous with.


An important aspect of rocking this style is to have healthy, undamaged hair. This goes for all hairstyles, but particularly for the ones that require heat. Even though you always condition your hair after shampooing, don’t forget the benefits of a good hair vitamins. This should be on your grooming to-do list every week. Even if you are not battling any particular issue and your hair is healthy, you need to make sure it stays that way. And if you are dealing with a particular hair problem – there are mask solutions for every problem. Serums are a must from time to time as well.

The Polished High Bun

When your hair is nourished and healthy, it can show off some sleek and shine, and that is when the polished bun comes to play. This style is probably the most elegant of all the bed hair styles.


Cosmopolitan is here with not only a list of celebs sporting the do, but also with the know-how you will need to achieve it. For it to be super-sleek, you will need a good hair pomade to keep those potential rogue hairs in place. Bonus tip: if your hair is not as full as you would want it to be, you can create the illusion of fullness by using one of those bun sponge


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