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Turn Your Attic into a Scandinavian Boho Paradise

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Turn Your Attic into a Scandinavian Boho Paradise

Combining various styles and inspirations when redecorating your home is quite exciting, but also quite challenging at the same time. Unless you take all decorative items into careful consideration, you can end up with a mishmash nobody will like. But if you, on the other hand, manage to combine individual styles more effectively, you’ll enjoy the outcome for the rest of your life. When it comes to the attics, most people like keeping things simple while the others go for a more extravagant approach. And there’s nothing more extravagant than a mixture of Scandinavian and bohemian style. Here’s how to combine them.

A Scandinavian Attic

As most people describe this style of decorating as “simple”, “elegant” and “bright”, you can only imagine how inviting and special an attic decorated this way could be. No matter how often you plan on using it or what your intentions are, a Scandinavian attic is a great solution for all purposes, from a home office to a spare room, or even a bedroom or nursery.

If your attic is extra spacious, you might even fit an entire apartment into it, together with a small living room, a dining area and a bedroom or two. Opting for white or beige walls will make the space seem even bigger while carefully chosen furniture adds to its overall elegance. In short, if you want a clean and simple attic, Scandinavian style is the way to go.

A Scandinavian Attic

A Bohemian Attic

Scandinavian attics are too boring for some people who wish to live in an exciting and inspiring space. That’s why they opt for a more bohemian décor and pick items that are unusual, exotic and exhilarating. Bohemian attics are usually filled with all sorts of decorations, bright colors and vivid walls that turn your day into an adventure.

Speaking of decorations, keep in mind that bohemian style includes items like paintings, rugs, wallpapers, dreamcatchers and placemats that create a bohemian atmosphere. If combined properly, these decorations will give your attic a new look and make your life much more colorful.

A ScandinavianBohemian Attic

A Scandinavian/Bohemian Attic

Now, if you want to combine these two attics into one, you have to plan your actions carefully. The best way to go is to decorate separate areas in separate styles and mix them only when you feel it might work well.

For instance, plain white walls are a good way to remain Scandinavian, but they also give you an opportunity to use bohemian decorations – a tapestry, a dreamcatcher or whatever comes your way. This way, these elements will stick out even more, while your white base will still be noticeable.

Another way to achieve an effective Scandinavian/Bohemian combination is by mixing the furniture. This doesn’t mean putting an ultra-modern sofa next to a vintage coffee table, but rather using bohemian décor on Scandinavian furniture. Sometimes, something as simple as a piece of stylish bohemian rug placed in front of a white leather armchair might do the trick.

A ScandinavianBohemian Attic

Finally, coordinating colors is another wonderful way to combine Scandinavian and bohemian styles. As each style focuses on certain tones you might like, finding adequate combinations shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Nevertheless, if you feel like you’re not up to the challenge and can’t seem to combine these two styles, be sure to consult trustworthy design & decoration experts who will help you find a solution and implement it into your home in the best way possible. As you’ll soon realize, creating a vibrant yet peaceful attic isn’t that hard as long as you have someone to guide you through the process.

A Scandinavian Attic

The Results

Opting for just one style – whichever it is – will provide you with a beautiful attic, but it will limit your choices. However, throwing several styles into the mix gives you more freedom and allows you to explore your own creativity. Remember: there’s no right or wrong when combining Scandinavian and bohemian style, so just follow your instinct and you’ll create an attic you’ll certainly enjoy.


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