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Can Your Kitchen Décor Make You Eat Healthier

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So you’ve decided to make some changes in your life and start eating healthier but you don’t know where to start. How about your kitchen? Many consider the kitchen the main room in the house since it might be the one place that brings the whole family together. This is why it’s important to decorate your kitchen to look inviting but also to inspire you to eat healthier. A nicely decorated kitchen can actually make you want to spend more time there, not just to eat but also to dedicate more time preparing healthier food.

Get organized

Organizing your kitchen is probably the most important step you can take when you want to change your eating habits. Start with your countertops and the pantry. The only thing you might want to have out in the open is a fruit bowl. If you refuse to get rid of all your snacks, at least try to push them all the way back into the pantry. You don’t want to be tempted with junk food so keep it out of your sight and reach for it only in emergencies.

The next thing to organize is you fridge. Clean it out and fill it back up with healthy foods. Make sure to keep fresh produce front and center. This way, you’ll see it and put in the effort to actually use it instead of reaching for an unhealthy alternative. Get some veggies in there along with low-fat yogurt and a pitcher of lemon or cucumber infused water to get refreshments whenever you want some.

When you start decluttering your countertops you’ll realize you have enough space for all those mini kitchen appliances and you need to start using them. When you wake up in the morning and want to make a smoothie, you don’t have to go through the pantry to find the blender. Keep it on your countertop, fill it with produce and make yourself an energy bomb easily. Instead of having canned soup, why not make one for yourself using your immersion blender or use your food processor to make healthy spreads. By organizing your kitchen and the whole workspace, you’ll not only make it look tidier but it will help speed up food preparation too.

Colors are the key

Believe it or not, colors will affect your appetite so avoid having red, yellow and orange in your kitchen because these colors actually make you crave food (why do you think all those fast food restaurants use them). Instead, try incorporating blue or calming earthy green. These colors will calm those junk food cravings. And you don’t need to paint the whole kitchen blue or green, just put some decorations in these colors, like nice dish towels or beautiful floor rugs. These will also help brighten your kitchen, making it cozy and inviting.

Get some herbs and fruit bowls

Nobody likes bland food but instead of buying all those spices why not have a little herb garden right in your kitchen. Using spices and herbs will enhance the quality of your food because it will help you reduce the amount of salt you put in your dishes and they’ll make it more flavorful. While it might get tricky to keep these herbs alive but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love the smell of fresh basil, mint and rosemary in your kitchen. Another thing that will liven up your kitchen are bowls bursting with fruit. Not only will your kitchen counter or table look pretty, but every time you want a snack, you can just pick a healthy apple or banana or whatever you like.

So if you have decided to make changes in your life, why not make changes in your kitchen as well. After all, these changes can help you approach your food in a healthier way and you’ll end up with a beautiful room in your house.

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