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Los Angeles model-editorial (2)

The gorgeous Hana Young was born and raised in Anchorage, Arkansas before moving down to Florida where she played golf for 11 years. Hana played professionally right out of high school and at 22 she then switched careers to commercial real estate/business brokerage and modeling. Hana‘s modeling career took off after booking several runway shows and fashion editorials. She is now in the process of opening up a recovery residence in Tampa, Florida of sober living homes for women in recovery from substance addiction. Hana can’t live without coffee, her best friend, sauvignon blanc and we heard she’s a dessert fiend (her fave is crème brulee)! She loves working and staying productive, but can movie binge on her days off.  She’s a huge fan of art shows, ballets, any performing arts along with action flicks and whenever the World Cup/Olympics come around. To relax, she goes movie hopping by herself or to the bookstore to read with some great coffee. The majority of her work consists of socializing so sometimes she likes to recharge by being on her own for an afternoon.

Los Angeles model-editorial (2)


Los Angeles model-editorial (2)

Your Nickname? 
Baby Hans
Frogs, Heights, scary movies, deep waters, those collectible vintage dolls, and any intimidatingly large insects
Life Motto? 
If it makes for a good story to tell, it’s worth it and DO IT
What’s some good advice? 
I try to live by the Golden Rule lol. Treat and respect others how you would want to be treated and respected.  
What is sexy? 
Ambition mixed with compassion
Favorite TV Show? 
Scrubs, Peaky Blinders and New Girl
Favorite Movie? 
Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail, Whiplash, Legend

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