Wedding Wisdom: 5 Fun-Filled Tips For Planning Your Special Day

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It’s the best day of your life.


The stars align, the love is palpable and you walk away with a partner for life.

When we imagine planning our perfect Sydney wedding, it’s a montage of cake tastings and dress fittings, and then we rewind to the hens, right? Come on, you should know better!

The fact is there are gruelling tasks like dietary requirements, ordering portaloos and making sure your suppliers bump in at the right sequence. While all tasks can’t be love and rainbows, remember to have fun and follow these 5 tips for planning your special day.

  1. Photography

These special moments will be forever immortalized, displayed on bedside tables and living room walls. Finding a photographer that reflects who you are and the wedding you are creating can be tricky, so research those local to you and check out previous work. Now the photography shouldn’t necessarily end there.

If you are hiring a photo booth for your Sydney soiree your guests will love you for the rest of your days. Photo booths are a great novelty for any event and provide a tangible momentum for your guests to look back on fondly.

  1. Theming 

Is anything more fun than theming a wedding?

Over the last few years there has been a huge surge in boho weddings with brides finding inspirations from nature and farm-style aesthetics. This can be relatively easy to execute if it’s an outdoor wedding, as Mother Nature does most of the heavy lifting for you. Furnishing the event with vintage furniture and wild blooms tie it all together beautifully.

Another trend is the industrial style wedding.

Vacant warehouses and loft style spaces are becoming very popular with weddings. As the style is minimalist, use copper cutlery and steel furniture to give it a sleek twist.

  1. Stationary

The moment the stationary order is in, is the moment everything becomes real.

The excitement of mailing wedding invites to your nearest and dearest is second only to receiving their RSVP’s. If your special day is planned for busy wedding months, April and September, then sending out ‘Save the Dates’ is not a bad idea to ensure you have date claimed well in advance. If you are a very organised bride, you can even coordinate your bouquet colour palette or your reception theming with your invites. Make sure to print extra invites for keepsakes!

  1. The Menu

How much control you have over the reception menu will vary from venue to venue.

Most venues should have an option of at least 3 wedding packages, and typically the premium alcohol is where the costs can climb. I have noticed that share plates are more frequent at weddings, eliminating the hassle of portion sizes and alternate drops. This is often more cost effective and the guest is in control of what they eat.

Consider cheese boards and finger food for the guests not required for photos after the ceremony. That two hour limbo between ceremony and reception can sometimes feel like an eternity, so grazing plates and light beverages (like Pimms) for the afternoon limbo is a nice option.

  1. Recovery 

Who says your big day can’t keep going?

Propose a recovery day to your guests and put on a small bar tab at a laid back bar for the fun to continue. These are particularly fun for location weddings, or even local weddings with visiting friends and family. If you think you are going to talk to everyone on your wedding day, then I am afraid you are dreaming. Use this time to really catch up with the people who helped you celebrate your special day, and make sure you toast the end of your wedding diet.

In all honesty, even if everything goes pear shaped on your special day you are still walking away with a partner for life. Find joy in each task leading up to your wedding, no matter how arduous that task might be – this will be the best day of your life!



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