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A Guide to Designer Fashion and Picking the Right Outfit

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We are all curious about the latest trendy fashion rather than staying in the old form, especially when seeking the dress from a designer outfit we are more interested in getting the perfect dress to cater our body, keeping in mind of the latest fashion.

In order to choose the perfect dress, certain things need to be kept in mind to select the perfect outfit for a specific day.



For Pear Shaped Body

Select a dress with horizontal stripes and bright colors on top and dark colors at the lower half of your dress, you’ll find yourself sexier in two-piece dress as compared to one piece, and for occasional purposes, you can select an empire dress as well. 

For Apple Shaped Body

To draw the attention away from your waist you may want to elongate your appearance, select a dress with an empire, corset or drop waist to re-define your waistline. Emphasizing your shoulders will create an illusion of more width on top and will eventually make everything below it appear more narrow. Avoid sleeveless and cap-sleeve dresses, instead, select bell sleeves, three-quarters or full-length sleeves.

For Slim Body

Avoid deep plunge necklines if you have reduced or slender breasts, select dresses with a scoop neck supported brassiere and other sequins to add a little dimension on top. Layered necklaces are trending right now and they can add some depth to your bust, you can also choose a dress with an A-line skirt an inch above your knees. Lean women can add curves through ruffles, peplums and curvaceous patterns on their lower half.


Always check the designer’s reputation online, the feedback and reviews of customers. Search forums and general feedback on sites which offers customers the chance to write reviews of vendors they’ve used. Following are some question you should ask your designer.

  • What’s the price of the dress?
  • Trying a dress that’s out of your budget is of no use and waste of time for both the designer and you, tell your designer your budget and he/she will find you the perfect dress accordingly
  • What’s included in the price of the dress?
  • Alterations and additional hidden charges can add up, so it’s better to ask your designer extra additional prices.
  • Can changes be made to the patterns or fabrics of the dress?
  • It differs with every designer and their charges especially when the material or work is particularly delicate and difficult.
  • Ask if any fittings included in the price?
  • This can vary according to the designer, mostly ready to wear dresses are provided without any alterations whereas couture garments are given alterations to be fit to your body shape.
  • How long will it take to get your ordered dress?

Most couture garments are from other countries, so some designers take time. It would be easier to know if your dress will be provided on the required time of yours.




Garments lining

A good way to judge designer quality is to check its lining, a well-crafted lining is a sign of good quality dress and that it’s been sewn with care.


Get that bargain if you love it

Be dubious of yourself, when your inner voice says you might want to buy it, or if you won’t buy, you’ll never find it at this price again. You can get also get discount on variety of dresses and other fashion accessories through coupons codes available on discount websites.


Spend some money on accessories

Cool shoes, interesting jewelry, and accessories can elevate your look, the extra accessories let you be more relaxed about the rest of your outfits. These can also be purchased in very much discounted prices likewise.


Create your own gallery of style

Whenever you get compliments on your outfit snap a photo of it and save in your phone. Next time when you’re in a rush for somewhere it will help you figure out.

A beautiful dress of the latest collection from a great designer is not going to make you look eventually beautiful, instead, the style of a dress will always make you look best aside of the occasion and age. The dress choices are vast but once you know your build, body features etc. you will see there won’t be many choices left. So, when choosing your designer dress to make sure that, you’re wearing the dress, not the dress is wearing you.

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” –Hubert de Givenchy


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