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Easy Tricks to Improve Your Food Blog Photos

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Food photography can be super tricky, especially if you’re the one who cooks, styles and photographs the food. If you know all the little secrets of your camera, half of your work is done… well, easier half. Now you come to the part where you need to tell the story with your food. Some stories or shots are harder to pull off, but with some tips and tricks and a lot of practice, you’ll get there in no time. So, here are some easy tricks that can bring your food blog photos to the next level.
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Think about the angle

If you’re trying to tell the story, then the angle is quite an important aspect. First, you need to take a good look at the food, its size, shape and all the unique things about it. After you’ve found the best angle, place your camera so it highlights all of the food’s best qualities. Some aspects such as texture, come forward best if you shoot food from the front. Other qualities, such as size or shape can best be highlighted from above. But, you’re a storyteller, and you need to make the decision of what is to be emphasized.

Introduce sub-plots

Use the empty space around your star (which is your dish) to tell something more from the story. Try to introduce some props or ingredients that are related to the dish into the frame. Things like oils, ingredients and kitchen utensils can tell the story about how the food was made. You can add some props that will tell something about the origin of the dish or the time of the year. Here, you can use different fabrics, herbs and glasses. If you place them in the background or foreground, these props will give your story depth and texture.
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Don’t forget about the light

When it comes to photography, lighting is your best friend, but it doesn’t always cooperate. You could get some tools that will help you direct and control it and present your hero in the best possible light. Light shouldn’t distract your audience or give some of the side characters too much attention. Human eye always looks at the brightest part of the photo first, and if that’s not your dish, you can have problems. You can use black and white cards, and make diffusers to control your lighting.
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Bring out some lines and layers

This is a great tip on how to direct your viewers’ eyes to your subject. You can use different props such as spoons or knives to form a line, or arrange ingredients so that they direct the audiences’ gaze.  Check out the way some Australian food photography experts do it on their Instagram and Facebook and don’t be shy to draw some ideas and inspiration from them.

Go easy on the color

If you style is to have a lot of props in your background don’t let them upstage your food. It’s great to have so interesting and colorful props, but you have to be careful with the colour. Try working with props in neutral colors to make the food really grab the attention. Use black trays, baking paper, wood and metal, and then your dish will able to steal the show.

Be prepared

Hunting for props is my favorite activity. Every time I see a nice plate, glass, tablecloth, candelabra or napkins, I can’t resist buying them. This way I’m always ready to shoot some fresh and innovative photos.

If it’s true what they say that you first eat with your eyes, then you have to make sure your photos are mouthwatering. Good photography with well-thought design and execution will certainly make your audience want to prepare some of your gorgeous recipes and visit your blog over and over again.


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