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If the four major fashion shows are any indicator, the raw yet refined street style on the rise is far more than a mere passing phase or a fashion “rebound” for getting over the ‘90s craze. Moreover, if we are to believe our trusty off-the-runway blogging voices, it’s dangerously sexy, incredibly comfortable and it’s here to stay.

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Some of you might be wondering just how to incorporate the basic elements of this look into your wardrobe, and what better place to seek advice if not these eloquent fashionistas who have turned the world upside down in the search for the perfect street garments to complement your style? Let’s look at their clothing menu and see what we can learn from them on our way to create an authentic fashion expression!

Stylish trainers

Follow in the footsteps of Evangelie Smyrniotaki, the owner of Style Heroine, and you will not only enjoy the incredible comfort of your Nike trainers, but you will also make your first step towards creating a rugged, yet sleek street look.

Combined with a pair of high-waist jeans and a bomber jacket, these sneakers will become your go-to footwear for running errands as well as your time out in the park.

A plain white t-shirt

plain white tee
With long, sunny days just around the corner and the latest minimalistic urban designs already in the shop windows, you should look up to the lovely Camille Charriere and her timeless chic. After all, if there was ever a piece of clothing that perfectly exemplifies less is more philosophy, it’s a regular cotton pearl-white t-shirt!

Not only does it look stunning with your most stylish pair of pants of any colour, including the daring red and the sophisticated navy blue, but it is the chocolate-chip ice-cream of clothes – the comfort food for your skin.

(Faux) leather leggings

leather leggings
You’ll see them on the most rebellious pair of legs dancing the night away in a club, or worn by a stunning woman window-shopping in the middle of the day, or among Sylvia Haghjoo’s Tuesday favourites. The leather leggings come with so many creative variations that a single lifetime of wearing them cannot do them justice.

Mix and match them with your boho tunic for a contrast, or complete your look with a hot pair of stilettos and a designer bag, and you can rock your look for almost any occasion.

Timeless heels


This summer will be all about choices, and high heels are no exception. From ethnic-inspired, colourful and chunky sandals, the sophisticated Billini shoes, all the way to classic flats with a glam glow, Krystal’s NYC look is a perfect example of how you can mix your luxe high-heels with a pair of ripped jeans and create a stunning combo worthy of Instagram.

The staple of this season’s predominant street style are the daring combinations of contrasting looks – rugged and elegant, simple and vibrant, or glamorous and urban – and your pair of heels is a perfect way to elevate your outfit in a split second!

A grey hoodie


The epitome of the revived ‘90s street style, and the globally accepted clothing item for many supermodels and fashion bloggers alike, the hoodie should have its special place in your wardrobe and in numerous outfits for the summer season.

Among a plethora of fashion influencers, Zanita takes hoodies to a whole new level – trying out various fabrics, colours and styles, without disrupting her preference for casual. So, you can also start with a simple grey hoodie, then mix and match it with your most fashionable items in the closet, such as your designer shoes or your boho jewellery.


Think bold this spring, sneak a peek into the world of fashionista bloggers every now and then. With the help of these few selected essentials, you will be on your way towards creating a street-inspired look that will turn some heads and help you express your unique personality!


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