Five Best Everyday Carry Items for Men

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Unlike an average lady’s purse which contains anything from a spare liner to the last year’s theatre tickets and a collection of medications a smaller pharmacy would envy, modern men are a minimalistic crowd, so they have coined a handy term to describe their daily must-haves – everyday carry.

The EDCs are those items you check for when you stand at your entrance door, a moment away from leaving your home, making sure that you have everything you need for another daily adventure. Let’s take a look at a list of every gent’s daily essentials that perfectly reflect a modern man’s practical mindset.

  • A stylish keychain

In addition to performing its basic function of keeping your keys neatly stacked in your pocket, there are numerous keychains that have extra functionalities to add to their value and give them an extra purpose or two. After all, if they can be so annoying as to cling and clang every time you reach for a gum, you might as well make the most of this handy piece of gadgetry.

Inspired by the famous Swiss army knives, some keychains contain a selection of useful tools, such as a tiny knife, scissors, a flashlight, or a small USB drive, all of which can be adapted to the lifestyle of the given gentleman. While a keychain can be worn on the outside of your pants and attached to a rugged hook, there’s a greater chance of losing them this way, so you might be better off storing them the good old-fashioned way – directly in your pocket or in your bag.

  • Your trusty phone

Who in their right mind would willingly leave their phone locked in a drawer somewhere, when they can always have music, camera, an online connection, access to a calendar, and an emergency flashlight if need be. Moreover, the sheer number of modern apps that are meant to allow you extra functionalities to simplify your daily errands and chores are more than enough to turn your phone into a multipurpose necessity.


If you are headed out to a business meeting or for a brainstorming session at your nearby café, having a smartphone can serve you as a perfect diary for your notes and give you access to your email correspondence.

  • Your wallet

For the sake of practicality as well as achieving a modern look, you can opt for a minimalistic, RFID-blocking wallet that can store your cash, is suitable for prepaid visa cards, your ID and your business card, as well as other paper documents that need to be safely stored and protected from damage or tearing.  So your slim wallet doesn’t have to be as sizeable as your salary despite the fact it can fit at least a few bills, and you can choose from


Thanks to the perks of digital banking, you no longer need to carry cash on you, so your wallet doesn’t have to be as sizeable as your salary despite the fact it can fit at least a few bills, and you can choose from a variety of minimalistic and reliable wallets that will not only serve a purpose but complement your confident look.

  • Your favourite watch

Just in case your phone battery dies, or you are in a room full of people and it’s inappropriate to stare at your phone, having a watch adds a touch of elegance to your manly appearance and allows you a number of useful options. While some men choose their watch solely based on its style and look, some of the more high-end, multifunctional watches are surprisingly useful.

Some watches come with a built-in thermostat and a compass, for the survivalists among you who never know when they might find themselves in the middle of nowhere. What seems like an ordinary time piece can instantly become your lifesaver in any situation.

  • A multitool

If you’ve already packed your multipurpose keychain, your adventurist watch and your smartphone, this one might be an overkill, but it can still come in handy. The sole purpose of a multi-tool is to cover several of your basic needs without taking too much space or compromising your comfort and productivity.

A single multi-tool can contain even up to ten separate items such as a wire cutter, a pair of scissors, a knife or two, a can opener, a small screwdriver, a bottle opener and a small file, for example. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they will be your go-to gadget especially for outdoor trips and adventures. Just knowing you have such a multitool on hand will give you a peace of mind and an item you can always rely on.

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