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Prime Healthy Catering owners:
Gio Argueta, Henry Barone & Marc Giudice

Not many catering services can provide you with whatever you desire as they have a fixed menu for specific days which one can opt for. But Prime Healthy Cuisine is the one that deals in specialized Paleo menus where people can select the food according to their health and nutrition needs.


Gluten free, Chicken Burger served with sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli.

At Prime Healthy Cuisine not only is it about customizing and providing food according to the peoples needs & will , but their main goal has always been about providing the customers with a healthy food menu which not only people can enjoy without any threats to their health but also be sure of the highest quality.


Gluten free, Grilled Salon served with kale.

How did it all start and how many people began Prime Healthy Cuisine?

Three people, Three partners!

Founded 17 years ago, they started off as a deli before merging into a really substantial catering business.  Now with the Paleo menu, it has really evolved into a healthy meal dining and delivery service that caters not only to Long island but ships meals along the east coast from New York to Florida. 

Are there any plans or changes for the future?

For now they are growing the “healthy” side of our business… eventually they will look to start a restaurant based on their Paleo options.  

These successful caterers are organized, consistent and creative. They enjoy working in an environment that in some ways changes every day, while in other ways stays the same.  Whether it is their traditional menu or their Paleo options, they are always looking for creative entrees.  All of their Paleo entrees (including desserts) are all natural, sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.

For all the people at health risk, our professional chefs at your disposal are there to provide you with the gluten free & protein rich healthy food which would not compromise on the taste as well.

They provide exactly according to your taste, especially healthy vegan foods for the veggies!

Besides Prime Health Cuisine, tell us more about your catering business!

We provide catering services for many different occasions, generally providing:

  1. Corporate clients.The primary need of this market is food for breakfast and lunch meetings, although there will be some demand for cocktail parties and dinners. Service can range from simply preparing a platter of food that’s delivered to the client’s offices or a nearby location to cooking an elaborate meal and arranging it at the meeting site.
  2. Social events.Millions of dollars are spent each year on wedding receptions — with much of that being spent on food. Other special events that are commonly catered include bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversary dinners, birthday parties and graduations.
  3. Cultural organizations.Opera houses, museums, symphonies and other cultural and community organizations frequently have catered events ranging from light hors d’oeuvres to formal dinners, sometimes for as many as several thousand people.

First-rate caterers can demand and get top dollar for their services – but you and your food must be top rate. You should also keep in mind some general market trends. For the most part, extravagant meals and rich foods are a thing of the past. These days, people are eating less beef and more poultry and fish, and they’re drinking less hard liquor and more beer and wine. They’re also more concerned about the bottom line than they once were. Many caterers say these trends have forced them to be more creative chefs, working with spices and ethnic dishes rather than with rich sauces.

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