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Tadoba National Park is supposed to be one of the largest and finest National Parks located in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is a sprawling reserve forest extending over 1727 square kilometers. It is one of the most prominent among the 49 tiger reserve projects in India. This is home to a large number of Royal Bengal Tigers. This is a treasure house of a variety of amazing flora and fauna species. The wildlife enthusiasts would be delighted to know the huge diversity of animals found here including sloth bears, tigers, panthers, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, bison, barking deer, sambar and many other incredible species.

The Tadoba National Park has a truly magical landscape and is overshadowed by bamboo and teak. The landscape is marked by rugged cliffs, lakes, marshlands etc. The splendid Tiger Reserve is known for its pristine and serene beauty. It is open to tourists from the month of October to June. If you are planning a wildlife vacation in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, make sure that you book your safari rides well in advance as only limited safari could be possible on current booking system from October. A jungle safari is the best way of exploring the rich and exotic biodiversity of the park. You need to book a Tadoba safari ride even before booking a room in one of the reputed Tadoba hotels.


The Magical Jungle Safari Ride

Jungle safaris are usually, conducted on elephant’s back or open jeeps & gypsies. A jungle safari would be giving you a panoramic view of the habitat and also its impressive ecosystem. It would be providing tourists with the golden opportunity of spotting rare animal species including the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers.

The jungle safaris at the Tadoba national Park are usually, organized both in the morning, as well as, in the evening hours for your convenience. You could use only a vehicle that has been authorized by the Tadoba Tiger Reserve administration. As per regulatory process, you need to be accompanied by a qualified park guide who is fully conversant with the park’s rules and regulations. Most of these jungle safaris are actually organized by the Tadoba forest authorities and some of the safari rides are also conducted by the private resort management exclusively for their own guests.

Excursions & Exciting Outdoor Activities

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve would be providing wildlife buffs and college students with brilliant opportunity to enjoy thrilling outdoor activities such as wildlife tours, guided trekking, tent camping, research tours, bird watching, and excursions. Thanks to its rich bio-diversity, Tadoba national Park is a hot-spot for environmentalists, wildlife photographers, animal filmmakers and naturalists.

Interesting Places to Visit

Tadoba Lake: An ornithologists’ paradise, the lake is situated right in the middle of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and is home to over 200 different species of birds. These include real beauties and rare birds like black hooded orioles, Indian Pitta, Golden orioles, white-eyed buzzards and gray hornbills. You could also catch a glimpse of the changeable hawk-eagle, monarch flycatcher, paradise flycatcher, Indian roller, and the orange-headed ground thrush.

Erai Dam: This is a gravity dam, constructed on the river Erai. It is the major water source for Chandrapur and Tadoba, and stands almost 100 feet tall and extends for a length of 1.6 kilometers. It spans 985 cubic kilometers in volume and can store 226,500 km3 of water. This dam provides great opportunities for photography. It is surely an enthralling sight.

Moharli Village: True travel aficionados would love to explore local villages. About 7km from Tadoba lays the village of Moharli, a gateway to the tiger reserve’s Moharli Zone, where most Jungle Safaris begin. It is known for scenic beauty and is a must-visit for the exhilarating safaris.

Khosla Village: Khosla village is actually another small village that is located in close proximity to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. This is a relatively sparsely populated village that is known to serve as the entry point to Tadoba’s Kolsa zone.


There are a plethora of good resorts and hotels in and around Tadoba National Park that would be arranging custom tailored jungle safaris and other outdoor activities for their guests on a regular basis. They provide experienced environmentalists and expert guides who would be assisting and guiding you every step of the way. They would be having a sound knowledge of the topography of Tadoba and would help you in bird watching and Tiger spotting. The interesting places and outdoor activities along with the expertise of these guides could make your Tadoba wildlife vacation a truly memorable one.


Bill Williams is a blogger working for a renowned wildlife magazine. During his recent visit to the Tadoba National Park in India, he was pretty impressed with the landscape, the diversity of flora and fauna and of course, the plush and comfortable Tadoba hotels. He enjoys blogging in his spare time.

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