209 Mare Recommends: 5 Exclusive Hangouts in St Tropez

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Bagatelle Beach - st tropez

St Tropez has long been considered the summer home of the international jet set population, with its exclusive nightclubs, its fine restaurants, its designer boutiques and its affinity with the seafaring community. From the fleet of superyachts that fill the destination’s port to the supercars that cruise its stunning palm tree-lined streets, the abundance of luxury that characterizes the coastal paradise is both spectacular and alluring; nowhere is the glamor of St Tropez so apparent, however, as in the town’s beach clubs and nightclubs. We spoke to the Founders of 209 Mare, a new men’s fashion label and the latest byword for luxury, to discover the 5 most exclusive hangouts in St Tropez. Gabriel and Federico Uribe have visited the summer resort for many years and share their insight into the high-end destinations that are sure to attract their clientele in 2017.

5) Maison Bianca 

One of the latest additions to the offering of luxury venues in St Tropez, Maison Bianca is a chic beach club and a vision in white. It offers upscale service, a refined cuisine of Mediterranean flavors, and a privileged atmosphere that refuses to fade in one’s memory. This cool beach club is sure to grow in stature and reputation in the coming years; be amongst those that are able to say ‘I was there first!’Bagatelle Beach - st tropez

What did 209 Mare say?

209 Mare: “A new, contemporary beach club on Pampelonne Beach next to Club 55, this aesthetic masterpiece and culinary heaven makes spending the day at an elegant beach establishment a fascinating experience for friends and family. Check out the understated concept store that offers incredible collections from up and coming designers. Here,209 Mare is proud to offer our wide collection range of ultra luxury beachwear for men, including the iconic209 Beach Blazer.” 

4) Les Caves du Roy

Les Caves du Roy is everything you’d expect from one of St Tropez’s most exclusive nightclubs: ostentatious, stylish, opulent and fun. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the celebrated hangout, so expect exuberant displays of luxury. The club’s interior resembles a futuristic spaceship, with multicolored lights illuminating contemporary fixtures. The popular nightclub regularly hosts A-list celebrities, including Kate Moss, Bruce Willis, P.Diddy, and Naomi Campbell.

st tropez-Les Caves du Roy

What did 209 Mare say?

209 Mare: “A notable nightclub in the Biblos Hotel, Les Caves du Roy is known for its high-energy, elegant nights, as well as its strict door policy. Expect a large bill at the end of the night, as well as to carry your girlfriend’s stilettos all the way back to your hotel.”st tropez-Les Caves du Roy

3) Bagatelle Beach

‘Your joie de vivre awaits’ is a promise made by the team at Bagatelle Beach – a guarantee that is assured with each visit.Bagatelle Beach Club arrived in St Tropez from the US, Brazil and St Barths, but its South of France base is by far the most spectacular of the franchise: the effortlessly cool ambiance is compounded by the venue’s awe-inspiring positioning just off Pampelonne beach.

St Tropez Bagatelle beach

What did 209 Mare say?

st tropez-Les Caves du Roy

St Tropez- Bagatelle

209 Mare: Bagatelle Beach is world renowned for its impeccable ambiance. It is synonymous with champagne showers and celebrity sittings. The St Tropez Bagatelle Beach club boasts a champagne menu that is targeted at the super rich. The food is fantastic and the setting is straight-up modern Miami Vice. Their store is filled with renowned fashion labels and luxury collections from the most high-end designers. The men’s store features the 209 Mare beachwear brand, including the beach blazers and the art deco-inspired swim shorts. Stay for lunch, get a shisha and walk out in a 209 Mare Blazer looking like a carefree Prince.”

2) Tahiti Beach

Characterized by iconic orange sunbeds and parasols, Tahiti Beach is one of St Tropez’s most exotic venues. It is not uncommon to see luxury tenders arrive at the beach club’s jetty, with distinguished guests and recognizable faces disembarking onto the beach’s white sand. Sip something cool and watch the world go by to the sound of cool beats and lapping waves.

What did 209 Mare say?

209 Mare: “Tahiti Beach is one of the most fun places to hang out and people watch in St Tropez. Jetsetters and locals mingle over exotic cocktails and sangria at this St Tropez hallmark.”

1) Club 55

An institution that features heavily in St Tropez’s luxury hall of fame, Club 55 attracts jet-setters from all over the world – each of whom arrives with expectations of an unforgettable time and never leaves disappointed.Fusing simplicity and authenticity in a stunning setting, Club 55 has attracted famous faces and discerning guests since 1955. Exclusivity blends with friendliness and a relaxed atmosphere on Pampelonne beach.

What did 209 Mare say?

209 Mare: “An institution for over 50 years in the St Tropez area, the beach club offers a simple yet exciting cuisine. Come here to see celebrities lounge and order magnums of Rose under the hot Mediterranean sun.” 




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