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Bring Hollywood Glamour into Your Home

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The Academy Awards are an inspiration to all who love the glitz and glamour of the red carpet fashion, explosive personalities and high-end lifestyle. Who didn’t want to feel like a movie star at least once in their life? We may not have mansions for houses, private beaches in the Caribbean, expensive cars and the best gym trainers, but we can still feel like million dollar actors with just a little bit of effort. In this article, we offer the best tips on how to turn your home into a residence worthy of a star. In the end, you’ll be walking into your new living room and wish you had an Oscar to place on a shelf.

Straight out of a movie set

To really achieve the look of being on a movie set, or perhaps a one-on-one interview on a boldly colored couch, add studio lighting to a room. There are large and small projectors, adapted for a home interior, but you can also find the tripod mounted spotlights that give the whole arrangement a more “golden age of Hollywood” feel. Not only will they spark an interesting conversation with your guests, but also provide great directional lighting. Plus, their industrial look makes them fit most any interior, style-wise.

The walk of a star

When you unlock the door to your home after a long, hard day’s work, there is no better way to lift your spirits than with a long red carpet down the hallway. Aside from this property, the red carpet also has the tendency to open up narrower hallways and add a splash of bold coloring to otherwise dull-colored spaces. You will also want to redecorate the space where the carpet is, to ensure it draws attention, but without popping out too much.


One thing that screams pop culture and Hollywood iconography are movie star portraits. You can breathe in the air of days gone by with framed portraits of such stars as Marilyn Monroe, or Audrey Hepburn. Or, you can decide on showcasing movie stills from your favorite scenes, or cinema posters, which can be purchased in specialized stores or directly from the cinemas. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and let the choice of pictures frame the rest of the room’s décor.

Draw inspiration

When all else fails, turn to the interiors of your favorite movies. What kind of atmosphere do they showcase? Is it a Pulp Fiction-esque type of minimalism, or is it a kind of Vanity Fair Victoriana reserve? One good example is the movie Grand Budapest Hotel, with its bold use of colors and contrasting furniture. Watch your favorite movie (or maybe it is simply a design inspirational movie), and study the interiors. Emulate the style to the best of your abilities – and budget, and you definitely have a winner.


Bold, bold, bold

What always appears to draw attention and leave a lasting impression on residents and guests alike is the bold use of patterns, colors, and designer furniture. Now, the goal is to avoid kitsch and achieve as natural of a look as possible, so tread carefully. Choose only a small handful of focus points in the room that will draw attention; for example, an English Regency style sofa, pillows with broad fabric patterns, or animal print. The rest of the décor and furniture should be toned down to avoid a design-clashing eyesore. Remember – bold, but classy.

Last words

Going for a Hollywood glamour as your choice of interior design has to be one of the brashest, boldest and most fun risks. The devil is in the details, as they say, and you don’t need to completely overturn your entire home to get an authentic movie star’s loft. Change simple things, like adding portraits of movie stars, or choosing proper lighting, or play with patterns and colors in each room. Think about what makes you think of the high-end Hollywood lifestyle and incorporate that in your own home, on a smaller scale. You will be amazed how much can be done just by choosing carefully.


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