Explore Western Australia: Top 5 Things To Do In A Day With Charters

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The crystal blue waters teeming with colorful sea creatures and an abundance of plant life are calling you to Western Australia (WA). When considering your travel itinerary for WA, boat charters will definitely need to be a part of the plans. There are many tour operators and various adventures you can have, it all depends on your mood and which amazing experience you want to have. Here are 5 of the top tour options when visiting WA.

  1. Shark Bay

This World Heritage Site in the Gascoyne region provides unparalleled views of peninsulas, islands, and tropical blue waters. Shark Bay offers fishing charters through for Spanish mackerel, Ranking and Coronation cod, snappers, cobia, and tuna. You can become the master of the big rods as you pull in fish and snap photos to keep the memories forever. The areas that are explored in Shark Bay include Turtle Bay, Steep Point, West of False Entrance, and Dirk Hartog Island. The best part of these tours is that the operators have fine boats that they steer away from other boat operators taking you to more pristine and untouched areas.

  1. Night Fishing

How about spending a few hours catching red and pink snapper and then watching the sun rise off in the distance over the waters of Western Australia? Could anything be more perfect? The night fishing charters are for the more adventurous fishermen and women, but charter tours will still keep you safe and comfortable. These tours provide everything you need for the special demands of night fishing. The amazing views when the sun comes are just the bonus.

  1. Corporate Charters

Western Australia is the perfect place to hold your next corporate or business event. Corporate charters include fishing, party boats, and cruises tailed to the many varied needs of the corporate event manager. Enjoy a cruise down Swan River or spend the day partying at Rottnest Island. Whether you have a small party of ten or need to find a boat to fit 100, there are boats to fit your needs. Be sure you find a company that offers catering and all of the party supplies you could need for a great event.

  1. Whale Watching Charters

Having the opportunity to see a Humpback Whale off the coast of Perth in Australia is something to not be missed. If you will be in Western Australia between August through December, that is one of the best times to catch whales as they migrate through the coastal waters. Imagine a full-day excursion with breakfast, coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day. With cameras in hand you wait until you see the whales slipping through the water close to the boat. Be sure to book a charter that follows the regulations regarding whale watching from a safe distance that keeps the whales happy in their natural habitat. Then enjoy the views and cross your fingers for a breach.

  1. Abrolhos Islands Extended Charters

The Abrolhos Islands are one of the best fishing spots not only in Western Australia but in the world. Located about 60 km off of the coast, 122 islands lie in the middle of a current which makes them a bit of a rest area for the wide variety of fish traveling the current. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs which provide a beautiful environment for fishing. There are also birds, island beaches, and shipwrecks to explore.

You can choose a 5, 7, or 10-day trip to fish and explore many of the islands of Abrolhos. Nothing else could compare for serious deep see fishers and tourists alike.



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