Fall Fashion Preparation

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With the summer months upon us, now is the time to shift our attention to the colder months coming right around the corner. This is especially true for those of us who reside in climates where “Old Man Winter” has a propensity to unleash his fury.


As you enjoy the summer with its long days and warm nights, grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and spend a few moments with us as we look at some of the fashion trends taking shape for fall 2017.


Leather and Fur


Let’s go back in time. We are not traveling back decades, rather just one year ago. A trend that hit the runways and catwalks for the fall/winter 2016/2017 season was fur and leather.


Leather was found on everything from dresses, skirts, and pants. Fur, both real and faux, donned outfits in the form of lapels, sleeves, hoods, and collars.

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Fall 2017


The decisions have been made for fall 2017 designs, as they have been showcased for all to see. Designers such as Alessandro Michele and Tom Ford set the stage by hosting parties for the unveiling of the fall design lineup months ago.


Some of the designers are opting to try a see-now-buy-now approach. Tom Ford is excited about this shift in the fashion industry, yet realizes the dates of the shows are not yet lined up with delivery dates at the stores.


Look for more fitted tailoring from Ford this fall, as his brand loyal customers prefer this over the “boxy” look and feel. Fur is back for another year as some of the Ford outfits featured fox furs. Capping off some of the outfits with shiny outerwear in black and eye-catching stockings.


Shoes for Fall


Ah yes, now for our favorite part! What we love about shoe trends is that it’s not necessary to wait for that season to embark upon us to wear them. If you get an itch to wear something different now, and choose to go with a fall trend, your friends and coworkers may just deem you a trendsetter.

Everything from pumps to boots strutted up and down the runways for this upcoming fall season. Not just any boots mind you, but rather boots styled as slouch, sock, and combat. In addition, to these favorites, red was prominently on display, as were metallic shoes.




At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the upcoming colder fall and winter months. While it’s certainly true that we need to adjust our attire for these sometimes-trying conditions, bear in mind that materials such as fur and leather are fashionable all year long.


Hopefully you enjoyed that glass of wine or tea and found some items to spruce up your wardrobe. 


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