Five things you should be adding to your bucket list

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What do you want to do with your life? Forget work for the moment – although your career is clearly important – but what else do you want to achieve? What do you want to see, hear and taste? There’s a whole world out there to explore, so why not make a bucket list of ambitions to focus your mind on these things you desperately want to do most?

Want some help getting started? Here are five bucket list items to consider…

Live entertainment

Whether you have a passion for music, sport or the theater, you need to get out there and see it performed live. Nothing beats the thrill of seeing the action ‘up close and personal’ – especially when you’re watching people at the very top of their game. Whether it’s a ringside seat at the boxing, a trip to the Super Bowl, a gig of lifetime or tickets to see a show at Broadway – make sure there’s some live entertainment on your bucket list.

Go travelling

No bucket list is complete without a bit of travel. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to fly across the Atlantic to Europe? Maybe an Asian adventure excites you? How about the Caribbean? Wherever it is, make it your mission to go and see it. You might want to go for a vacation or perhaps you’d rather take some time out and have a longer expedition covering several countries and locations (this doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds).

Learn a new language

Your bucket list should include a mix of experiences, events and skills. Learning a new language isn’t easy but it’s a great way to add another string to your bow – leaving you with a strong sense of personal achievement as well as potentially helping you to pick up some useful information which could help when you go travelling.

Play a musical instrument

Speaking of skills – everyone should at least have a go at learning to play a musical instrument. While some of us are more gifted than others in this regard, this is a great hobby that anyone can try. Play in a band, perform for friends or just stick to the comfort of your home – whatever you do, you’ll get great joy from making music.

Sporting achievement

Your bucket list can contain a number of goals that you set out to achieve in your lifetime. It’s good to throw in a sporty one here to encourage you to get the most from your body. For some people, that means setting out to run a marathon. If that’s beyond you, however, then don’t worry – set your own target for running, cycling, swimming or playing sport and strive to achieve it.

Your bucket list has to be particular to you and your interests. However, make it nice and varied – aim to learn new skills, achieve new milestones and experience new things so that you can get the most out of your life.

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