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Get a buzz without the bulge


It’s bikini season and believe it or not, a margarita could cost you the calorie equivalent of 2 cupcakes with EXTRA ICING.  I am going to assume that you wouldn’t habitually eat cupcakes while sun-bathing.


From the beach-bar to the house-BBQ, choose any of these 5 COLD cocktails to enjoy summer and keep that HOT bod.


Skinny Lemonade

Photo credit @k_annetta


Silver tequila (2oz)

+ club soda (4oz)

+ 1 packet True Lemon (stirred in)

… over ice


Cool Cucumber

Photo credit


Chilled & Shaken; Titos vodka (2oz)

+ 1 oz fresh lime juice

+ muddled cucumber and mint leaves

Pour in glass and top with 3oz seltzer


 Tang ‘n Tequila at home

Photo credit @k_annetta


Chilled; 2 oz Silver Tequila

Poured over 4oz Bai Bubbles Grapefruit

Garnish with lime wedge


“O” so refreshing

Photo credit @k_annetta

*an easy bartender order


Stoli Orange (1.5 oz)

+ 4 oz club soda

+ extra orange slices

 Crush orange slices with straw for extra flavor

 Enjoy over ice


Sweet ‘n Spiked Bubbly

Photo credit Pinterest lilalady77

*an easy bartender order


Chilled Blueberry vodka (1 oz)

Poured into champagne glass

Top with 3oz prosecco/champagne

Garnish with ½ strawberry



Alyssa Cellini is Co-Founder of and a consulting Nutritionist with Metabolism and Sports Nutrition expertise. She is a freelance writer and contributor for all things health, metabolism, and recipes. For more recipes, her instagram is @mycustomcleanse . For personal nonsense and BTS @alyssakristine. Go to WWW.MYCUSTOMCLEANSE.COM to have Alyssa design and build your CUSTOM 15-day-cleanse, detailing your own specific food plan. Unlike basic cookie-cutter cleanses, this is made for you, by the experts. It also includes a professionally chosen supplement-combo (all based on YOU) that is sent to your door.

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