The unspoken rules in today’s dating scenario

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Sure, everybody knows that worldwide, the dating scenario is truly chaotic in every sense of the word, but let’s face it – who ever said that it was easy in the first place? And yes, nobody can deny the basic fact that compares to a decade or so back, the rules of the game have completely changed as of today.


There is no real need to seek out help from the nearest matchmaker in sydney since as long as you have a few tips up your sleeve, you’re pretty much good to go. All those of you who happen to be new kids on the block as far as the dating scenario is concerned, here are a few tips or rather rules to help you clear out the fog of confusion as to what’s in :-


  • Social Media is where you meet/hook-up: Yep, with the dawn of Tinder and other such apps, such is the scenario. People decide to meet and hook up without even meeting each other once face-to-face and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Such is the power of social media where we seem to delight in stalking one another and perpetually trying to find out what the other person is upto.
  • Time for friends: Earlier that seemingly used to be a problem, but not really anymore. It’s all about finding the time to meet your friends and keeping a balance between the relationship and your friends. After all, surely your friends would have dates as well so why not a double date? Go for it I’d say.Also just because you have a partner doesn’t mean you don’t ever introduce them to your friends. Who know, they might just end up getting along better than you think.
  • You can take charge: Nowadays there is no such thing as a “man” and a “woman” with one of them taking the back seat. Both are just as equally invested in the relationship and have their own say in it as well. Nobody should be afraid to take charge and decide what they really want to do.
  • Certain boundaries: Today is indeed quite a different world that the one a decade ago. Nowadays a lot of mistrust is in the air with checking each others phones and messages. What would be ideal is for the two of you to be as open and honest with each other as possible without disrespecting each others privacy in the bargain. That is an important aspect to keep in mind.
  • Taking dating a lot more casually: Nowadays, the whole definition of dating itself seems to have taken newer proportions. No longer do they only have to be at night at a specific cafe or whatever, you guys simply decide whatever it is that you want to do. As simple as that. You can even let your imagination run a bit wild and think of something crazy and unique to do as well.

Ultimately, people tend to look at the whole concept of dating in a very one-dimensional manner which is indeed quite a shame. If you happen to be someone who thinks the same, well then it’s up to you to spice things up and make it more interesting both for yourself and your partner to boot. Hopefully you should have a better picture of how things really work in the ever-confusing ever-changing world of dating where literally anything can change in an instant plus things are seemingly in a constant state of flux literally all the time.

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