What Was Your Favorite Concert Growing Up?

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Life is short. It seems like we spend around fifteen years being told we are too young, three years trying not to get caught, five years enjoying ourselves, and then we have to grow up and become mature adults. Well, that’s how life seemed to me anyway.


I grew up in a sheltered environment. Don’t get the wrong idea. I had two amazing parents that I would not trade for the world. But after what they experienced during the sixties and seventies, they decided life would be different for their children. And so it was.


Living in a box

I had some great friends growing, up, I just simply didn’t like them. They got on my nerves, didn’t make enough noise, and were always afraid of what others would think of them. But, they lived in the subdivision I grew up in and it was either them or hang out on my own. After spending a year or two contemplating the options, I decided to make the most of what I had to work with.


I was the rebel in the group. My clothes looked different, there was a difference in what I found attractive in women, and they couldn’t understand the music I chose to listen to. In my opinion, they were deaf to some of the most amazing songs ever written. They liked the piano and sax, I enjoyed the drums and a well played guitar.


One of the saddest things I was forced to watch is my younger brother growing up  inside of the same box that I had. Although I didn’t see him as doing anything wrong or missing out, I did know how lonely he felt because I had experienced the same life. He had always looked up to me. I would get several calls from him each week while I was away at college. He just needed someone he could relate to.


Best birthday gift I’ve ever given

With his birthday less than a month away, I started asking him what it was he wanted. After trying so show humility and selflessness, he finally gave in and told me what he thought would be amazing. He wanted me to make sure he could attend Save the smell at Teragram Ballroom.


Now, if you are one of those people who freak out over breaking the law, you may want to skip the next paragraph or two. In a desperate attempt to make sure my kid brother had the night of his life, I did what I had to for him to be 21 for a night. Yes, the next morning, the privilege that came in the form of a fake ID was cut up and thrown in the trash. His 18th birthday celebration is something he will always remember though. Well, he has pictures of the night he will always keep anyway.



It was not only a thrill for my brother, the bands from Penniback Records put on one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. The place was packed. The music was loud. And the party lasted until the early hours of the morning. It was by far one of the greatest nights I have ever had with my younger brother.

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