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6 Handbags That Will Complement Your Office Outfit

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Dressing up for work means that you often have to dress to impress. Unfortunately, choosing a handbag that is both professional and practical can be quite a challenge. It’s not just about how well the bag will look with your outfit at any given day, but also with how effective it will be at containing your daily needs for going to the office.

That being said, here are our tips for the perfect handbags for your office that don’t just look good but are neutral for easy pairing up for any outfit.

A Leather Knapsack

While it may be time to leave your trust old Jansport at home, that doesn’t mean that you have to bid goodbye to the comforts of back packs. A leather knapsack will be the perfect balance of comfortable, professional, and chic. Get one in beige, light gray, or the usual neutrals to keep it office outfit-friendly. Not to mention that knapsacks often offer you more space to carry your valuables around, without having to put the weight on one shoulder all the time, which is often the case for most kinds of ladies’ bags.

A Shoulder Bag

This is most likely the epitome of professional ladies’ bags, and the sheer variety that are on the market can attest to its popularity. It’s very professional and convenient to use. There are shoulder bags out there that are roomier than they appear on the outside, and it’s always a pleasant surprise to find one with enough space and compartments to accommodate and organize your stuff. Shoulder bags can help keep both your hands free to hold other items when commuting to work. The simpler your bag’s exterior is, the easier it will be to pair off to an outfit. That doesn’t mean that you should get the plainest one you see, a little amount of studs or one bow never hurt anyone. Get one in the traditional black or some muted color.

A Tote Bag



This bag is definitely one for ladies who need to bring a ton of things to the office. And tote bags can definitely handle it. Feel like a modern day Mary Poppins with the amount of items you can bring around in your tote bag, and a lot of designs even offer pockets for better organization. Tote bags are both practical and chic, and are perfect for the office in neutral-colored leathers.

A Top Handle Bag

If you want everything the tote bag has to offer but aren’t particularly keen on constantly having to shift it on your shoulder, you can get a top handle bag that basically has the same functionality. The main difference is that this one is meant to be carried by the handle or slipped over your forearm. It gives you a more composed look than a tote bag does.

A City Bag

If you’re all about the versatility of handling your bag, a city bag allows you to carry it on the shoulders, do the forearm carry, or sling it over your opposite shoulder for a cross body carry. This feature is particularly helpful if you get tired of carrying your heavy bag in just one way all the time. While smaller than the other bags on this list, it just means that you can let loose a little more on the flashiness of the bag because it doesn’t distract too much from your overall outfit. You can even get it in different colors, just as long as it’s easy to pair off with many outfits.

A Messenger Bag

If you need a bag that combines the purposes of a purse and a briefcase, then a messenger bag is what you need. It comes at a price though, as this kind of bag is often bulky. Luckily, you can wear it over your shoulder or cross-body to change things up and to ensure that your shoulder won’t be too tired.


Remember, once you know the basics to choosing which bag texture and color goes well with your outfits, it’s often best to choose a bag that fits your office needs the best. If you’re not one for bringing too much stuff on a daily basis, then there’s no need for a bulky or roomy bag and a small one will do the job.  



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