Despicable Me 3″ Actress Dana Gaier Interview with Social

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Despicable Me 3" Actress Dana Gaier

Photographer: Birdie Thompson | Hair and Make-Up: Allison Noelle


Dana Gaier isn’t just the typical 19-year-old college student doing internships and joining sororities. She has done voice over for the Despicable Me franchise, studies Sociology and Communications at UCLA and has her onscreen debut about to be released. Get to know her:

  1. Which is your favorite movie in the Despicable Me franchise? Why?

I think that my favorite movie in this franchise is actually the third one! That’s probably because I love the villain so much. Bratt is just hysterical and I really love the 80s music and other references.

  1. Can you relate to Edith on a personal level?

I can definitely relate to Edith because we’re both younger sisters. I loved to poke fun at my older sister when I was younger and intrude on her playdates with her friends. I also think that Edith has a soft and more protective side though when it comes to people messing with her family. I’m like her in that way too.

  1. What was it like working alongside such big names, like Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig?

It’s absolutely crazy that I get to work with people like Steve and Kristen. I grew up watching them on The Office and on SNL. They’re so ridiculously talented and so humble and kind. We don’t actually record with each other, but it’s nice when we all do get to see each other in between sessions or at the premieres. Everyone’s really great.

  1. You are only 19 and have been quite successful, what other goals do you hope to achieve in your career?

I love doing voiceover, but I’ve had a bit of a taste doing onscreen acting with the independent film I worked on that’s coming out this summer called The Ice Cream Truck. I recently shot an episode for a television show as well. I would love to do more onscreen projects.

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration on the big screen today? Why?

Right now it’s Brie Larson. Room is one of my favorite movies and she did an incredible job. I think she’s very versatile and I look up to her a lot. 

  1. Who is your style icon?

I would say Sarah Jessica Parker. She always looks great whether she is wearing couture or a comfy oversized sweatshirt. 

  1. Your on-screen debut is a horror film, The Ice Cream Truck, coming out next month. Was it a hard transition to go from playing Edith to Brie?

It wasn’t that difficult of a transition because I feel like I’ve taken enough classes and worked hard enough at acting to be able to play different roles. I’ve also had a lot of stage experience.

  1. How did you handle the commitment of being a full-time UCLA student and acting?

I feel like I’ve always had a full plate, even when I was younger. I went to public school when I was a kid while I was voicing Edith and auditioning. I played sports, took guitar lessons, and performed in community theater shows. I feel like it would be weird if I weren’t juggling a lot. I really do have to stay on top of my assignments though, because I never know when an audition or a job can come up.

  1. You have a very busy schedule. How do you manage to find time to be a “normal” college student and have fun with friends?

I’m an active member of my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, so I make sure that I make time for my friends and a social life in my schedule. It’s so important to surround yourself with the people you love and I can honestly say that I’ve done that at UCLA. I love my friends.  

  1. What advice would you give young, aspiring actresses?

Remember why you love acting. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in this business and fame or the rejection that comes along with constant auditioning. As long as you remember why you love acting, you will be okay. Also, take as many classes as you can because you can never stop learning.

You can catch Dana Gaier in Ice Cream Truck on August 18th.


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