LD Sport Wows Athletes with new fitness collection

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As an athlete, there are specific attributes I look for in my workout clothing. I work out almost every day so I can be pretty picky when it comes to what I wear. Some of these include being functional, such as letting me move around and being flexible when I stretch. I don’t want to feel restricted with every motion. I also need it to be breathable and sweat-wicking because I work out for hours on hours on certain days. One of the hardest things is when you are dripping sweat and your shirt just cannot absorb anymore which makes running or lifting that much more difficult. This is especially important when it becomes humid outside in the summer. I also need it to fit properly and stay in place during activity. Nothing is more irritating then having to worry about pulling your leggings up every 5 minutes. Getting in a great workout is what I want to have my mind focused on. Lastly, I need it to be cute! When I look cute in my workout clothes it gives me an extra boost of confidence that is always helpful.

Lubna Najjar’s athletic wear line LD Sport is the perfect combination of all of my wants and needs. She designs her clothes to cater to not only those who love yoga or Pilates, but to those who do intense exercise like cross fit as well. This is the perfect combination of functionality. One of the greatest things about her leggings are the 4-way stretch material. I can stretch, jump and lift and they move with me no matter what. Full range of motion is extremely important to all types of athletes. Another attribute that helps them to stay with me is the slimming waistband. It has the perfect fit that isn’t too tight that it becomes uncomfortable, but also isn’t too loose that I need to keep pulling them up. Major points. In the summer time, it’s a must to have dri-fit clothes when exercising and LD Sport is no exception. The clothes also contain sweat-wicking technology that helps to keep you dry as well. Another way that it keeps you focused on your workout and not distracted about what you are wearing. Not only is this active ware functional, but it super comfortable. When I first tried on a pair of the leggings, I was in shock. They have smooth seams that have been re-engineered with softer threads to give the ultimate comfort fit. The seams also lay flat that help reduce chafing. Can it get any better?

Overall, as a track runner, I have more activities than just being on the track. Besides sprints, I need to lift and have flexibility classes like yoga or Pilates. Throughout all of this, my LD Sport active wear really pull through for me. Not only am I kept comfortable, but the designs are super cute! I love having new leggings or sports bras to get me motivated and kill my workout and LD Sport gets the job done.

Model: Sierra Clausen 
Photo Credit: Hawk Eye Photography

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