Throw the Ultimate Movie Night in Your Backyard

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Whether catching up on new movies or revisiting the classics, movie night is the best option to make the most out of the warm evenings and outdoor socializing. It is a perfect soiree for friends with similar taste in cinema that can offer more than a pleasant time and trigger interesting discussion after the projection. The advantage of hosting such event is that is quite simple to organize if you follow some basic guidelines. With some snacks and refreshings provided, you’ll be the host of the year and your friends will beg for more.


Choose the right movie       

Try not to bring the crowd down with some heavy drama, avoid tragic true stories for all you will get in the end is a bunch of bummed out people that will ask for more alcohol. So, stick with the lighter movies and give your crowd some good laugh. Remember that not only comedies are funny, so find something delicious and inspiring that will make all of you reflect upon it afterward.


Choose the right time

Whether it is a single projection or even a movie marathon, set the date and notify your friends timely. Check out the weather cast for the specific date, unless you wish to have nature’s special effects. Start your party an hour before it gets dark so that your friends can gather and chit chat briefly before the movie starts. As soon as it darkens make sure everyone is comfortable and start the movie.


Choose the right spot

A perfect spot for the movie projection should be the one where you can control the light. Whether backyard, garden or a patio, avoid neighbors lights in the yard as well as street lights, or the one coming from the passing by cars. Do not let anything to spoils the mood.


Provide the comfort

Watching a movie while sitting on a bumpy ground is not that fun. Place some blankets and pillows. Throw in some lazy bags and if someone prefers to sit straight, provide some garden chairs. Set the small tables on the sides where you can serve snacks and hold drinks. Do not let guests stand up and leave in the middle of the movie, just to get fresh popcorn from the kitchen. Try to keep everything in a hand reach for your guests.



Adjust the area

Depending on the number of people you plan to invite, make sure there is a plenty of space. Clear the lawn and if possible relocate some plants to create a spacious sitting area. If the night turns out a success and you wish to continue to host such events on a bigger scale, consider some landscaping. A brilliant idea from landscape design Sydney team is to form a mini green amphitheater, assuming the size of the yard allows it.


 Take care of the bugs and mosquitoes

Nothing ruins the mood as constant mosquito buzz or crawling insects. Spray the area before your guests begin to arrive and supply them with some efficient bug repellent. Try not to dust your friends with a heavy layer of chemicals and look out for some natural options of insecticides.


Inform neighbors

Do not frighten your neighbors with a sound of shooting or car chase, be a nice fellow citizen instead and let them know about your plans. The movie played out loud can disturb people in homes around you so make sure to discuss with them first. If they turn out to be cool people, invite them over. The more, the merrier!



Movie nights are so easy to organize. Aside from minimal supplies and effort, all it takes is good weather, a bunch of friendly people and the right movie. Nothing beats an outdoor evening with friends, spent in a relaxing atmosphere with a mutual focus on some cinematic masterpiece. Cease the summer and see the classics you’ve missed out.


Hannah Thomas is a gardening and home décor enthusiast. Garden is the place where she feels most comfortable, that’s why there are always a lot of books and empty coffee cups on the back porch. Always learning, exploring and smiling.

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