3 Things To Think About Before Your Wedding

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As you look forward to starting a new life with that special someone, you will also have to spend some time thinking about the transition point (the wedding ceremony itself). You want everything to look perfect, run smoothly, and end glamorously.

We cannot possibly fit a full-fledged wedding preparation guide into a short article like this one, but what we will “squeeze in” is some helpful advice on 3 key topics to do with your upcoming wedding.


1. The Wedding Gown

Endless volumes could be accumulated by gathering free advice on choosing a perfect wedding dress, but we will mention but three principles:


  • Stick with white. Don’t jettison the symbolism it conveys. You can wear colored gowns any day, but when will you have another opportunity to be dressed in pure white from head to toe?
  • Balance simplicity with detail. You want the purity of white to be complemented by the simplicity of an overall simple design. But a few ruffled hems, pearl-bead buttons in a row, and some well placed lace can make the difference between a good wedding dress and a great one.
  • Don’t forget the practical. A long train is all well and good, but too long and it becomes difficult to move about. And take into consideration which dress looks good on your body type and issues of modesty.


Perhaps these might not be the topics you want to think about right now, but better to consider them ahead of time than to make a mistake.

2. The Bridesmaid Dresses

Selecting dresses for your bridesmaids may be more challenging than choosing one for yourself, in some ways at least. You need to coordinate the dress colors with each other, with your wedding gown, with the setting, and the theme. You may need custom sizes or alterations, and the multiple people involved entails complexity.


Aside from collecting the necessary information from each bridesmaid on the size and the like, you need to find a supplier who can hand-make each dress affordably and on-time. Look for a long-trusted name and a high-volume handler to ensure you can keep to your schedule, the one who can comply with your preferences and sizes down to the minutest details. Read more on such a supplier.

3. The Reception And/Or Honeymoon Hotel

After the ceremony ends and you rush off in your limousine, you don’t want the glamor and excitement to of the wedding to end there. Locate your wedding ceremony nearby your reception hotel or arrange for everyone to fly over to the new location. And why not continue to stay in that same luxury hotel for at least the first part of your honeymoon?


Consider breaking out of the run of the mill Niagara Falls honeymoon hotel and similar locations. Why not choose, for example, Princess Royale Oceanfront Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland? Breathtaking views over the Atlantic, spacious and amenity-packed quarters, hot tubs and indoor pools, relaxing saunas, and a huge glass-walled tropical atrium are all among the “perks.” You can read more details about their offer on how you can arrange for a wedding party reservation.



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