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Are You Leveraging Infographics For Your Brand or Business?

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Dr. Philip J. Miller is a renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon in NYC as he has employed various Digital Marketing strategies to promote his practice. With that being said, Pay Per Click for Plastic Surgery in NYC is extremely expensive, and although an important channel to attract new clients, Dr. Miller decided he’d rather connect to his patients through content marketing. So not just simply run ads, he wants to be a resource for current and prospective patients when searching for facial aesthetic or reconstructive procedures in NYC. He also is on the cutting edge as he uses Holo Lens technology to provide a greater experience for his patients.

Dr. Miller created the Top 10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty as a resource for prospective patients to understand how they can improve both aesthetic and functionality of their nose. By using this infographic to educate patients, he also has received multiple media pickups as a result. With over 50 media pickups, MarketWired also used the graphic as a best practice on how to best leverage this valuable resource. Dr. Miller now ranks tops in the world when you google Top Benefits of Rhinoplasty as visitors either land on his site or a media placement featuring the Infographic which ultimately leads back to his site.

Check out the Infographic and let me know what you think?

Are you currently leveraging Infographics for your brand or business? If not, you may be missing out on a great client attraction opportunity.

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