Charlottesville Virginia, Unite the Right White?

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Charlottesville Virginia, Unite the Right White?

As we well know, this past weekend America suffered another travesty. A display of hatred, racism, and bigotry that rips opens the wounds of Jim Crow and anti-Semitism.  The protest was in response of “a plan to remove a statue of a confederate general from a city park.”

It was well planned out. Many knew of the “Unite the Right” rally and protesters were meet with counter protesters. Many news outlets attest to the protesters and counter-protesters interactions starting out peacefully. However it wasn’t long until it began to get violent. Urine bottles were thrown, mace was sprayed, brawls ensued, the whole bit.

Unfortunately, a women lost her life to one of these senseless acts of violence and terror. A man from Ohio, who seemed to be sympathetic of the white nationalist protesters, drove his car into the crowd that Saturday afternoon. Two state police officers circling the protest also lost their lives after their helicopter falling out the sky, due to reason that are still unknown.

All for what?

There were videos of chants like “we will not be replaced” and “white lives matter.” But it remains unclear, at least to me, what right were these white nationalist attempting to unite? The right wing? Republican President Abraham Lincoln was actually on the opposing, and winning side of the civil war. The freedom of speech right, arguably, but where do tiki torches come into play? Last time I checked, expressing opinions and ideas happen often without fire. The right to protest, maybe, but plastic shields yielded by white supremacist where also depicted. Why bring a shield to a protest, unless there is predetermination of violence? 

Of course! Uniting the right of whiteness, the right to be white in America, unapologetically and unashamedly white. White pride! Because white lives matter and they will not be replaced. We got the message, 19 injured got the message, and most of all the family and friends of Heather Heyer got the message. But the message that rings louder than skin color, religious denominations, and immigration laws is America’s cry for peace. Peace of mind that their loved ones will not fall victims to domestic acts of terror.

Many people watching as Charlottesville was in the trenches, donated money to local non-profits in anticipation of those organization finding avenues to help in the aftermath of the violence. 

“A group called Beloved Community Charlottesville says it raised $67,000 in pledges to local organizations.Read More A medical fund for counter protesters that was set up by the Democratic Socialists of America exceeded its $150,000 goal in one day. Similarly, the Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund raised almost $150,000, almost triple its original goal, to help protesters involved in anti-racist activities. A GoFundMe campaign raised more than $225,000 for Heyer and donations have also poured in for other victims.”

Donations came in from all over the country. The protest was meant to be controversial, and to dissect Americans, while promoting an ideology of white supremacy. But unexpectedly “United the Right” seems to have exposed the severity of racism, bigotry, and hatred in America. The large numbers and multiple displays have served as a platform to inform those that would have otherwise said “that doesn’t exist anymore” or “that was a long time ago.” So unite the right has coincidentally helped those living in the extremes places of degradation and places of privilege to see the same reality. In other words, it has, in ways, united the people.



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