David Beckham as Your Fashion Inspiration

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Remember the sarong of the ’98 World Cup and the leather outfit fiasco one year later? Or the Bullet-Tooth Tony attempt to express his snazzy inner rebel? After many fashion fails and one too many brisk blond hairdo, this icon of an athlete has shown the world what he is truly made of.

Nowadays, he is considered one of Britain’s (and the world’s) most stylish athletes, and for a number of exquisite reasons one might add. Let’s take a look at some of his finest style selections to inspire your next shopping spree, and set you on a quest of crafting your own unique look-book.

The urban jungle blend

Not that there’s anything wrong with diversifying, but a minimalistic look worn with an almost Tom Hardy-like attitude is all you need to stand out and stay comfortable. Think: a crisp white t-shirt to outline your athletic figure and ripped or at least distressed jeans to stay true to your inner rebel.

white tee

Footwear of choice? Well, simple sneakers look anything but in this combo, and you can make sure of that with a pair of retro aviators and a manly, rugged watch. Combine that with a two-day beard and you’re good to go. This, gentlemen, is as effortless and sexy as an outfit can get.


Suit up or go home



Few men can rock a solid suit quite like David Beckham. Okay, perhaps Harvey Specter comes as a close second. When you think of a classic, you might be tempted to go all black, but follow in his footsteps and surprise the world with a monochrome look based on deep navy blues. Once again, clean white should be your choice of shirt for a perfect contrast.

Bring in a subtle detail to break the uniform-palette spell, such as a pocket square of an interesting pattern and a lighter hue, pair it up with a neat hairdo, and perhaps leather shoes to complete the business-like style. Never underestimate navy – you can combine it with a whole range of grays, browns and whites, so your look can be different every time you put on the same suit.

Athlete all the way

When it comes to the growing craze for sportswear, it seems that Beckham saw it coming years ago. Heck, he could easily be recognized as one of those fashion daredevils who wore it before anyone else and introduced the world to the notion of leisurely athletic outfits for every occasion.


Spending time with his kids or grocery shopping? Sure. Watching a game with his daughter? Why not. The sports star chooses loose training pants, shorts, a classic grey or white tee, a hoodie for colder occasions and a beanie or a ski hat for ultimate comfort. It’s no wonder a specialized soccer shop will become your weekend shopping mecca to achieve this sporty cool when you see how Beckham wears his sports gear.

The laid-back daddy look

As if all the summer fashion favs have been picked out solely based on Beckham’s closet! And he’s not just a role-model to his eldest son, but his classy, casual choices have found their way to magazine covers and many a fashion lover’s wardrobe.

How about yet another pair of dark, clean-cut jeans, perhaps with a bold chain on the side, a solid black tee and a denim/shearling jacket with a collar? As a nice finish to your rugged dad look, add a baker boy cap that screams “style” for a contemporary man, along with those massive, sturdy boots.

The lumberjack gent

Yet another proof that Beckham has embraced the simple, but sophisticated look over needless extravagance is his selection of lumberjack-inspired outfits – all the way to the rugged boots, checkered shirts and vintage-looking leather bags.

His personal seal of approval is the raw punk-looking metal chain while the seemingly random tears in his jeans make you wonder whether he’s off to another photoshoot or to his cabin in the woods for a family weekend getaway. Stock up on the versatile shirts and jeans, and you’ll awaken your inner lumberjack in no time.

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