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Lose a lot of weight in a short time to start your weight loss program with a bang

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No matter what weight loss program you follow and how long you follow it for, one thing is for sure: the beginning is going to be the nastiest part. It is here that you will feel most tempted to cheat on your new program as you don’t live a life in which you do not have all your conveniences like midnight snacks, unhealthy eating or a lack of exercise. However, once you get past that opening sequence, it’s going to become easier and easier gradually. To help you get past that first stump and increase your chances of success dramatically, we are providing you with some pointers on how to lose a lot of weight very fast.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water is vital, for multiple reasons. For starters, it keeps you hydrated, and it ensures that everything is working well on the inside. But its role is far deeper than that. You see, a lot of the times when you feel hungry, you’re thirsty. It’s effortless to confuse the two at times, and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary eating because you were thirsty. That being said drink plenty of water and make sure that you never suffer from thirst again. If you’re looking for an indication of how much water you should drink per day, many go to half their body weight. Even though that’s what specialists advise, try more than that. You should go for more than that and try to drink more than half your weight.  For a total body weight of 120 pounds, for example, you should aim for at least 60 ounces of water per day, even more.


Detox is something that you should indulge yourself on a regular basis because it is a benefit for your entire body. It doesn’t just help with you losing weight, but it also helps with the way you feel and the way your body feels. You will get better sleep, you will have more energy, and you will think more positive after a good detox. So make sure to include a detox in your weight loss plan. The easiest and most efficient way to detox is through the removal of carbs from your diet. Replace them with healthy alternatives for energy like leafy greens.

Working out

You can’t just put yourself on a diet and hope for the best. You also need to put in the physical effort, and that means hitting the gym. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with complicated and hard exercises. You can go in, do some cardio regularly, and then leave. Learn the basics of cycling and create a schedule around going to the gym every day, even if just for an hour.

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