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Must Have Fabulous & Luxurious Fursan Handbags

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New York’s favorite OG Housewife, Sonja Morgan was spotted sporting the highly coveted Fursan bag at the Doubletree By Hilton Times Square West for the Fursan Luxury Fashion Preview.

Picture Courtesy of Teddy Adolf Photography

TMZ filming Sonja Morgan – Picture Courtesy of Teddy Adolf Photography

All the talk in the luxury fashion world is revolved around Fursan’s luxurious bags! The event attracted muses of the fashion world and New York’s débonnaire cliques to preview the masterfully crafted handbags.

From the Western shores of the Arabian Gulf emerged Qatar’s finest most coveted handbag line, Fursan. Brimming with its antiquity of a culture rich in artisanal skill and an eye for innovation, the label is sharing its luxury designs with the world.

It’s Dazzah Collection is breathing new life into the regions tradition of the celebratory gifts a new bride brings to her husband’s family in the form of an intricately embellished trunk. “We at Fursan believe that our work encapsulates this tradition while showing women the world our appreciation through offering Dazzah. Its goal is to allow every woman to feel as exceptional as a bride stepping into a new world of splendor and fortune.”

The quintessentially unique handbags from Fursan are the most glamorous pieces to hit the market. Whether you’re planning a night out on the town or a special dinner for two, Fursan handbags are fit for any occasion. They are a work of art from their Arabian creativity to their Italian craftsmanship.  

Fursan’s collection is a distinctive blend of elegance with an avant-garde look suitable for making a statement with any style. Each handbag features hand picked luxurious materials and posh colors and patterns. 

Fursan handbags can only be bought online or at their flagship store in Qatar. The bags This rare gem is being asked for in all boutiques.  Get your hands on one here! The bags will be available September in the US for the first time ever! The bags are designed by the founder of Fursan Luxury, Ibrahim Al-Haidos. Add this beautiful statement piece to your wish lists!   


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