The Rise of Conor McGregor from 2013 – 2017

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They say that social media offers a window into your world.

So we decided to delve deep into Conor McGregor’s Instagram page to provide a detailed breakdown of exactly what makes the man tick.

It threw up some interesting results that showed exactly how The Notorious’ priorities have changed as his profile has transformed from a little-known Irish fighter to a global superstar…

–          When he first joined Instagram in 2013, McGregor was a shrinking violet who mainly posted about training and fighting.

–          As his fame increased, his focus shifted towards celebrity culture and the famous faces he was rubbing shoulders with.

–          Now he loves nothing more than to flaunt the luxury lifestyle that he is able to lead – with a fleet of super cars, extravagant watches and some eye-watering items of clothing.

This is the rise of Conor McGregor, documented by the man himself, and the evidence that proves his story isn’t nearly finished yet.   

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