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This Technology Will Make You Think Twice About Your Performance Training

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Whether you are trying to make the winter track team or god willing preparing to showcase your talents in the NFL combine, your performance is critical to the outcome of your future. Currently, most performance technologies focus on what you have done vs. what you can do. Jasper L. Cain is an up and coming Tech Entrepreneur who is developing in what he calls a “smart stopwatch.”

Stopwatch technology hasn’t changed much over the years as they are simple, they measure your time with a few clicks. With that said, if you’re looking to improve your performance or would like suggestions to have the best outcome for your performance, Jasper’s technology holds promise to help maximize your results.

Currently, in development, Jasper’s team is working on the proof of concept built out over his years as a professional sports trainer. He wants you to be able to not only measure your results but provide the vehicle to offer ways that you can immediately improve. His technology even promises predictive technology that will project your scores without actually having to complete the task. Running a marathon, you may only need to run a fraction of the 26.3 miles to see how well you will perform which will assist with managing fatigue, limit injuries and optimize your times without excessive strain.

Here is a recent interview with Jasper for New Theory Magazine which will allow you to learn more about Jasper and his concept:

Click here for the full article: Jasper Cain Interview

Keep an eye on Casper and his possibly disruptive technology shaping the multi billion sports industry.


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