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Tradition and culture – Take a look at the dresses of the world

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Nothing expands your horizon in terms of fashion quite like taking a look at the traditional gowns seen around the world. Every country has its own ceremonial or traditional gown that is part of their upbringing and culture. It’s one of those things that can suffer no judgment. It’s part of these stats’ culture and are represented proudly with every occasion the locals get. Here are some of the most beautiful representations of international culture and tradition:

Japan and the Kimono

The Kimono is a traditional gown worn in Japan. It has a long history in Japan and even though it has been popular a very long time ago, it maintains that status even today. It is the go-to choice for Japanese women when they need to dress up for a special event. Tradition is very important in countries like Japan and this is easy to see in many things, including the way they dress. It’s not just the women that sport the occasional Kimono. During tea ceremonies and whatnot, men also like to wear the traditional outfit. It has been embedded in their culture for many generations.

India and the Sari

If you ever tried to shop sarees online, you probably noticed that there are many different types available. This is because the Sari comes from many places within India and embodies different aspects of the Indian culture. It’s not only an Indian tradition though, as you will find women wearing the Sari even in countries like Sri Lanka or Pakistan.  The Sari is one with the Indian culture and you will find it on most women. It’s pretty much the Indian version of the Kimono, at least from far away. The closer you get however, the easier it is to see that the Sari has its own identity and features an abundance of artistry and creativity through its design patterns.

Hawaii and the Muumuu

Hawaii is without a doubt a special place to visit or to live in. While it’s not the biggest state in the world, it’s definitely a state that likes to please the world with its intriguing traditions and of course, it’s fashion sense. The Muumuu is also part of this fashion sense and it plays the role of the official, ceremonial gown for women in Hawaii, which is worn at highly formal events but also at more casual meet ups. It’s a very beautiful long dress with a lot of floral implications, and if it’s half as comfortable to wear as it looks, then Hawaii’s women truly have reasons to smile all the time.

These are some of the most representative dresses in international tradition but they are by no means the only ones. Almost all countries can produce an inspiring and beautiful gown design when asked to showcase their tradition. As fashion carries on and evolves every year, it’s really cool that such special outfits are able to live on and remain an important part of their countries’ culture.

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